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Apex Legends Season 17 End Date

Apex Legends players looking to get the most out of Season 17 will need to know exactly when it's set to end. Here's what you need to know.
Apex Legends Season 17 End Date

Each new season that Respawn rolls out in Apex Legends often brings with it an array of content. This could be anything from new events, LTMs, map updates and, typically, a brand new Legend to play with. Season 17 saw the introduction of Ballistic, a new Assault Class Legend who had previously taken part in the Thunderdome Games in his youth.

Since his introduction, Ballistic has proven to be a somewhat popular pick, averaging around a 4.4% pick rate across the season. While Season 17 has been a well-rounded continuation of the popular Battle Royale, players are looking ahead to what Season 18 could have in store. 

Rumors have begun circulating around what we might see in the upcoming season. Some leakers have suggested that a rework to classic Legend Revenant could be on the way, in lieu of a brand new Legend altogether. This rework is currently known as 'Revenant Reborn'.

But before the new season arrives, players still have a lot to accomplish in Season 17. So, with that in mind, here's when this current season is set to end. 

When Does Apex Legends Season 17 End?

Could Apex Legends Season 18 see a new LTM arrive in-game. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Respawn Entertainment hasn't officially announced the start date of Season 18. Despite this, we can work out when Season 17 will end based on the end date of the current Battle Pass. According to the timer, Season 17 will end on August 8, 2023

This date is subject to change, however. Until confirmation is given, Respawn could opt to cut the season short, or extend it beyond the current suspected date. Until official confirmation arrives, we can only speculate that Season 17 will be ending early August.

Apex Legends has been experiencing some healthy player numbers as of late, depsite being 17 season's deep. The class shake-up of Season 16 saw the game reach its highest player count peak to date. According to Steam Charts, the game reached a concurrent peak of 624,473 players. With Season 18 on the horizon, it remains to be seen whether or not we'll see the continued popularity of Apex Legends thrive.