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Is Apex Legends Getting A New Legend In Season 19?

Apex Legends fans are always anticipating the next big thing, so will we see a new Legend arrive in Season 19?
Is Apex Legends Getting A New Legend In Season 19?

Each season of Apex Legends has the potential to significantly alter the landscape of the online Battle Royale scene. The most straightforward method to introduce a fresh dynamic? Introduce a new Legend. In Season 17, players witnessed the debut of the new Legend, Ballistic. However, Season 18 was marked by the absence of a new character, opting instead for a rework of Revenant, which was positively received, though it did not involve the introduction of a new Legend.

As Season 19 approaches, anticipation builds among players about what lies ahead. The burning question is whether Respawn Entertainment will revert to its customary approach and introduce a new Legend once again. It's time to dispel the rumors and address whether Season 19 of Apex Legends will welcome the emergence of a new Legend.

Update 22 August We've updated this article with the latest information and news regarding a possible new Legend coming in Season 19.

Is A New Legends Coming To Apex Legends In Season 19?

As of the current state, there hasn't been any official confirmation regarding the addition of a new legend in Season 19. Nevertheless, there are a few leaks and rumors hinting at the arrival of a new character named "Conduit." This name might ring a bell for veteran Apex Legends players as rumors about Conduit have been circulating for more than a year now.

Recent developments suggest that Conduit might finally make an appearance in Season 19, as notable leakers and Apex Legends enthusiasts, namely @Osvaldatore and @HYPERMYSTx, have shared information pointing towards Conduit's potential introduction. If the leaked information holds true, Conduit is likely to be classified as a support legend.

An unofficial leak revealed Conduit's abilities during a practice session in the Firing Range, offering a glimpse of potentially intriguing skills. Keep in mind that these details might evolve before Season 19, assuming Conduit does indeed join the character roster. Here's what the leaks have indicated:

  • Passive Ability — Capacitance: Conduit gradually restores her shield over time, with an additional boost in regeneration for each nearby ally.
  • Tactical Ability — Arc Flash: She can mend the shields of designated allies but at the cost of sacrificing some of her own shields.
  • Ultimate Ability — Alternating Current: Conduit launches a cluster bomb that inflicts damage on nearby enemies' shields. The amount of health she regains is proportional to the damage inflicted.
Apex Legends Season 19 New Legend Conduit details
While it's still unconfirmed, recent rumors suggest that Conduit will be the next Legend to come in Season 19. (Picture: YouTube / bobz)

For the moment, this information remains speculative. Multiple leaks have suggested diverse possibilities, including the addition of a support character named Conduit. However, precise details such as the release date or additional attributes have yet to be confirmed or disclosed. Therefore, as of now, these are the insights we have regarding the potential newcomer, Conduit, in Apex Legends.

As always, it's wise to approach these leaks and rumors with caution until there's an official statement from the developers. Rest assured, we will be diligent in updating you as soon as more concrete information emerges. Don't forget to bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates!