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Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection: All Weapon Buffs & Nerfs

Looking to stay ahead of the curve in Apex Legends Season 18? Then be mindful of these new weapon buffs and nerfs.
Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection: All Weapon Buffs & Nerfs

With the latest season of Apex Legends now live, players are getting to grips with all of the new changes arriving in Season 18: Resurrection. The biggest addition comes from the complete overhaul of Revenant, who has now undergone some sinister changes. The simulacrum has experienced some strange glitches in the midst of battle, removing his traditional abilities and replacing them with a brand new kit. Now embued with a newfound passion for chaos, Revenant is taking aim at the other Legends, showing no mercy.

As part of Season 18, Revenant is now unlocked for all players all season long. By completing certain challenges throughout the season, players will be able top unlock Revenant permenantly. In addition to Revenant's reworks, some other aspects of Apex Legends have been shaken up. If you're hoping to stay at the top of your game in Season 18, then you'll need to check out which weapons have received buffs and nerfs. Fortunately, we're on hand to tell you what you need to know.

Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection: All Weapon Adjustments, Buffs & Nerfs

As highlighted in the Apex Legends Season 18 patch notes, a number of weapons have undergone adjustments. The most prominent of changes comes to the Charge Rifle, which has been given a rework. Here are all of the adjustments, buffs, and nerfs that have been rolled out across the weapon pool this season.

Charge Rifle Rework

New ballistics and projectile:

  • Removed hitscan
  • Removed pre-fire laser
  • Projectiles have player passthrough: 80% damage retained
  • Opens doors

Projectiles gain damage with distance:

  • 50 meters: 75 Damage
  • 300 meters: 110 Damage

New charge mechanics:

  • Holding the trigger down will increase charge
  • Releasing the trigger will decrease charge
  • Fires at 100% charge

Added Extended Sniper Mag attachment slot:

  • Base: 4
  • White: 5
  • Blue: 6
  • Purple/Gold: 8

Ammo Consumption per shot reduced to 1 (was 2)

Handling timings adjusted:

  • Tactical reload time decreased to 3.5 (was 4.0)
  • Empty reload time decreased to 4.6 (was 5.1)

All SMGs (R-99, Alternator, CAR, Volt)

  • Strafe Speed: ADS strafe scale reduced to 0.75 (was 0.85)
  • Headshot multi reduced to 1.25 (was 1.5)


  • Vertical Recoil slightly increased

Ammo capacity reduced:

  • Base Ammo reduced to 17 (was 19)
  • White Mag reduced to 20 (was 21)
  • Blue Mag reduced to 23 (was 24)
  • Purple/Gold Mag reduced to 26 (was 27)

M600 Spitfire

  • Added Barrels for improved stability
  • ADS Recoil improved
  • Hipfire spread slightly improved


  • Blast pattern tightened

Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection: All Hop-Ups Changes

Boosted Loader (Hemlok, Wingman)

Reloading when near empty will speed up reloading and overload the next magazine:

  • Hemlok overload ammo: 9
  • Wingman overload ammo: 3

Disruptor Rounds (Alternator, Peacekeeper)

Increases shield damage:

  • Alternator shield damage increased by 20%
  • Peacekeeper shield damage (per pellet) increased by 25%

Double Tap Trigger (EVA-8, G7 Scout)

  • Removed from floor and crafting bundles


Frag Grenade:

  • Outer Radius increased to 350 units (was 320)
  • Inner Radius increased to 125 units (was 96)


  • Adjusted fire VFX to better match damage area

The majority of this season's weapon changes affect the Charge Rifle, R99, Mastiff and M600 Spitfire, all of which will likely come as welcome adjustments. As the season progresses, we'll likely see Respawn make more changes to weapons in order to keep things balanced.