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A guide to using Wattson in Apex Legends Season 2

A guide to using Wattson in Apex Legends Season 2

One of the many reasons that Apex Legends has built such a strong fanbase so quickly is arguably unrelated to gameplay – although the gameplay is certainly finely-tuned and fun. Instead, the game's excellent cast of diverse Legends is impressively inclusive, both in terms of characterisation and in their complementary play styles.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

While Apex Legends launched with eight players to choose from, Season Two brings with it a new face – a defensive character called Wattson. Here we'll go into some detail to establish whether she's worth spending your Apex Coins to unlock.

Wattson's backstory explains that she is the daughter of the Apex Games' lead electrical engineer, and as such her skillset is reminiscent of the arena itself - static fences that play off of her knowledge of the terrain. She's also said to be highly intelligent, and her abilities will certainly supplement a more cerebral approach to battle.

As with all Legends, Wattson's abilities come in three flavours – passive, tactical, and Ultimate. Because her passive ability is intrinsically tied to the other two, we'll look at that one last. All feed into controlling territory, but none feel like they slow her down.

Tactical Ability: Perimeter Security


An ability with plenty of possibilities and utility, Perimeter Security sees Wattson place down nodes than are joined by electrified currents. These nodes are primarily defensive, and you can place twelve of them at a time, forming all sorts of elaborate obstacle courses to funnel enemies where you need them - preferably into your line of sight.

Teammates can run straight through the fence as the pylons will power down, but any enemy caught in them will be damaged, slowed, and pinged for your entire team to see - ideal for that tense last-stand at the end of a match. Use them to cover doorways you'd otherwise be unable to guard.

Consider using these in conjunction with an artillery strike from Gibraltar, as you can slow down an enemy long enough for them to be stood right where you want them. Or, block an enemy squad in before throwing one of Caustic's gas grenades into their vicinity. You could even use the ping functionality to cover your back while you loot an area or call in one of Lifeline's supply drops.

Ultimate Ability: Interception Pylon


Like the tactical ability but to the power of one hundred, Interception Pylon is incredibly powerful in the right situations. For one, it shoots grenades, arc stars, and other throwables out of the sky - ideal for any team that's pinned down.

Perhaps its most helpful feature is that it can charge your squad's shields while in play. While enemies can destroy the Interception Pylon, you can place up to three at a time with a single Ultimate charge.

Oh, and the icing on the cake is that while Wattson is near the Interception Pylon her tactical ability recharges much more quickly. This means you can then place more and more Perimeter Security fences in an area at an accelerated rate.

Passive Ability: Spark of Genius


A highly-situational passive ability, Spark Of Genius instantly refills Wattson's Ultimate Meter when an Ultimate Accelerant consumable is used. This means if you store a couple of these, you can make your team grenade-proof in the latter stages of a match, while also blocking off entrances to the final circle. This is particularly deadly in the new Elite Queue, as damage from the circle is vastly increased.

So there you have it, the tenth hero added to Apex Legends. Does Wattson's toolkit appeal to your play style? Or will you stick with whoever your main character is? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll see you in King's Canyon.