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ARK Survival Ascended Blueprint Cave Guide: How To Clear FLAK Blueprint Cave

Claim some of the best blueprints and items in the game with our guide on how to find and clear the best FLAK blueprint cave in ARK Survival Ascended.
ARK Survival Ascended Blueprint Cave Guide: How To Clear FLAK Blueprint Cave
Studio Wildcard

When it comes to acquiring tames in ARK Survival Ascended, many players prioritize obtaining large aggressive dinosaurs like the T-Rex, Giga, or Yuty's, overlooking some lesser-known options. One such overlooked dino is the Stegosaurus, a dinosaur that might not be the immediate choice for many players. This is unfortunate, given the immense utility this dino offers regardless of your current level.

To clarify, this guide will briefly demonstrate how to find and tame a Stegosaurus, and then delve into the details of how this dino can be incredibly useful when playing ARK Survival Ascended. Without further delay, let's dive right in.

How To Find the Swamp Cave For FLAK Blueprints in ARK Survival Ascended

The cave in question for this guide is called Swamp Cave and is located in the center of the map in the swamp area, as shown in the map image below. This cave is particularly special since it has custom loot crates inside, as opposed to the generic crates found in other caves throughout the Island.

ARK Survival Ascended Best FLAK Cave Blueprint Location
The location of the Swamp Cave is shown above. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Once you've made your way there, there are a few things to consider, the first being that the air inside is toxic, so make sure you have a gas mask to breathe comfortably. You should be prepared to fight, as there are quite a few powerful dinos and creatures inside, so we recommend having your shotgun and other ranged weapons at the ready.

You'll also notice that the entrance to this cave is small, so you can't ride any tames in with you. Your best bet is to have a Cryopod with you that houses the dino you want to use when fighting off the creatures inside. We suggest the Megatherium for its boosted damage against invertebrates, of which there are tons in this cave.

How To Clear the Swamp Cave For FLAK Blueprints and Other Items

Now that you're inside, you can head straight down as the dinos will only start appearing once you reach the first corner with the large glowing yellow mushroom. Here you can fight off the creatures that spawn and summon your Megatherium to fight your way through, as well as aggro the dinos in the small corridor leading forward to the Megatherium to deal with them before storing your tame and heading through the now clear corridor.

ARK Survival Ascended Best FLAK Cave Blueprint Guide Preparation
Before heading inside the cave, you should have a gas mask as well as ranged weaponry to deal with the creatures inside. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Continue down and use your Megatherium as needed since creatures will spawn whenever the rooms open up. A rule of thumb for this cave is that if you're heading downwards, you're entering the cave, and if you're heading uphill, you're leaving the cave. So make your way down until you reach the first large room with glowing mushrooms and red foliage on the ground.

This room has two paths that you can take; the left will lead you to the yellow loot crates, and heading right will lead you to the blue loot crates, and finally the red room. We suggest going right first and taking the blue loot crate as it will give you some decent blueprints and some other high-level miscellaneous items.

ARK Survival Ascended Best FLAK Cave Blueprint Guide Finding Loot
As you follow our breakdown you'll find loot crates inside the cave, but the red ones are the most valuable and will contain high-level blueprints including FLAK blueprints. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

From here, you can stick to the left side of the room and find a small tunnel that will take you to the red crate, and inside, you will find one of the FLAK blueprints. Head left again, and the path will lead you up to a T-junction. Turning left will take you to the yellow loot crates we mentioned earlier, where you'll receive some high-level items once again.

Heading right from the previous T-junction will take you toward another room with two red loot crates, and the first one in the water will give you some more high-level blueprints. The second one just behind it on a ledge will give you another FLAK blueprint.

ARK Survival Ascended Best FLAK Cave Blueprint Guide Artifact
This cave also holds the Artifact of the Immune, so be sure to grab it if you plan on taking on the Dragon Boss later. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

While on this ledge, head right, and you'll notice a fork that goes left or right. Heading left is a secret passage back to the previous chamber, whereas heading right will take you straight to this cave's artifact, the Artifact of the Immune, which is needed to take on the Dragon boss.

Backtrack to the fork you came from; you can either head left to circle back to the previous chamber or head back to the previous chamber and use one of the paths that lead uphill (as we mentioned before, uphill = exiting the cave). So take any path you want, and you will quickly and easily find the exit (granted that you killed all the creatures inside).

So there you have it, a full breakdown of how to run one of the best FLAK blueprints and general blueprint caves in ARK Survival Ascended. All credit for this guide goes to YouTuber Teachers Game Too for their detailed breakdown of this cave, and for more details on the topic, be sure to check out their full guide above.