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ARK Survival Ascended Genesis 2 DLC Release Date Window, Content, New Dinos And More

Prepare to face the conclusion of the ARK saga as we discuss the release date, content features, new dinos, and much more surrounding the Genesis Pt. 2 DLC coming to ARK Survival Ascended.
ARK Survival Ascended Genesis 2 DLC Release Date Window, Content, New Dinos And More
Studio Wildcard

The Genesis 2 DLC marked the final expansion for the previous iteration of ARK, ARK Survival Evolved. Since ARK Survival Ascended has now assumed the role of the mainline ARK title, players are eager to learn about the release date and anticipated changes in Genesis 2 compared to its initial iteration. Fortunately, we have comprehensive information on this final DLC.

In the upcoming sections, we will delve into various aspects of Genesis 2 in ARK Survival Ascended. This includes details on its release date, additions to content, mechanics, the introduction of new and existing dinosaurs, and more.

When will the Genesis 2 DLC be released in ARK Survival Ascended?

At the time of writing this article, we don't have (and don't expect one soon) a confirmed release date for the Genesis Pt. 2 DLC in ARK Survival Ascended. Thankfully, we do have a roadmap from the devs that can give us an idea as to when we can expect its arrival, and based on that, we suspect that Genesis Pt. 2 will arrive in May or mid-Q2 of 2025.

ARK Survival Ascended Genesis DLC Release Date
Based on our predictions, the Genesis 2 DLC will arrive in May or early-mid Q2. (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

This release date is still quite far away at the time of writing, but thankfully, we will be getting tons of DLC content, including Genesis Pt. 1 naturally, between now and then, so fans won't have anything to do as they wait for the final Genesis ARK. Of course, this general date is just an assumption, and we will endeavor to update this section with the accurate date as soon as it's made available.

Will the Genesis 2 Map Be Free for ARK Survival Ascended?

Yes, the Genesis Pt. 2 DLC will be playable for free in ARK Survival Ascended once it releases, and the reason for this is that the developers want to give all players, including returning players, access to all the DLCs at launch to not only garner a larger audience but also not alienate older players who already bought the DLCs for Survival Evolved. While this is good news for all ARK players, there might be some paid-for elements.

ARK Survival Ascended Genesis DLC Free to play
Genesis 2 will be a free DLC that all players will be able to fully access from day one. (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

The Scorched Earth DLC introduced the Frontier Adventure pack, which is a purchasable set of cosmetics that suit the theme of the DLC, and it's likely that other DLCs, like Genesis Pt. 2, will also feature these kinds of paid-for features. We will likely see some more paid-for cosmetics and aesthetic features to come, but this is just a prediction, and more news on any official paid-for features for this DLC will be noted here in the future.

What to Expect from The Genesis 2 DLC in ARK Survival Ascended

While some of the details may change, the gist of Genesis Pt. 2 previously was that players would see themselves attempting to survive on a map that is set aboard the massive Genesis Ship with two rings. On the right side is a regular ring with green terrain as well as normal creatures, and on the left side is a corrupted ring full of purple terrain and fearsome yet more powerful creatures.

ARK Survival Ascended Genesis DLC Content To Expect Maps
The Genesis 2 map is based on a ship that's split into two sides, the stable or relatively safer side and the corrupted side with more powerful, dangerous creatures and a harsher environment. (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

Both sides of the ship feature story-based missions that players can complete for upgraded loot and even TEK-grade items, as well as tons of XP for leveling. When it comes to creatures, there will be base ones that are familiar for veteran ARK players, but also R-Creatures, a variant of these base dinos that sport a unique color palette and boosted stats to ensure their lethality.

There will also be mission-exclusive dinos such as the Blood Crystal Wyvern featured in the Crystal Isles DLC, and these dinos will not spawn naturally throughout the biomes on either side of the ship. Finally, there will also be DLC-exclusive creatures such as the Maewing, Noglin, Astrodelphis, Stryder, Shadowmane, the flying robotic sentries known as Voidwyrms, and the Summoner.

ARK Survival Ascended Genesis DLC Release Date Creatures To Expect Main
Genesis 2 will also feature unique and buffed-up creatures alongside its base creatures that will challenge and likely kill many players. (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

Of course, all of these creatures' appearances in the DLC are still subject to change, so we'll be sure to update you as soon as we know more about the creatures and map content to come in Genesis Pt. 2.

ARK Survival Ascended Genesis 2 Creature Vote Winner

ARK Survival Ascended Genesis DLC Creature vote winner
The creature vote poll hasn't been taken for Genesis 2 as of yet, so we don't have a creature vote winner that will join unique dinos such as the Shadowmane. (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

Currently, there have only been a handful of creature vote winners (six total) announced for the DLCs to come to ARK Survival Ascended, and sadly Genesis Pt. 2 was not one of them. Of course, the DLC is still over a year away, and it makes sense for the poll to not have yet been done for this DLC, but we'll likely get news soon on a creature vote winner for Genesis Pt. 2, so stay tuned for more.

Will Genesis 2's New Dinos Come To The Island?

We expect that the dino transferability will work in the same way it's done in the past for DLCs, and the way it works is that base creatures and even R-Creatures are transferrable via Obelisks, TEK Transmitters, or using console commands to spawn them in. The DLC exclusive creatures, however, such as the Maewing, Noglin, and Astrodelphis, etc., will all be locked off and not transferrable outside the DLC, and while this might change in ARK Survival Ascended, for right now, we have no reason to believe that it will work differently in the new DLC.

So there you have it, everything you need to know regarding the details of the upcoming Genesis Pt. 2 DLC so far. It's worth noting once again that most of the information we have right now is speculative and mainly a comparison to its original iteration, but once we get detailed and official descriptions from the developers regarding this DLC, we will update this article accordingly, so be sure to check back here frequently for more news on the Genesis 2 DLC in ARK Survival Ascended.