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ARK Survival Ascended Map Release Schedule (2024)

Studio Wildcard will release both official and community created maps in 2024 and 2025.
ARK Survival Ascended Map Release Schedule (2024)
Picture: Studio Wildcard

Studio Wildcard has announced the complete ARK Survival Ascended map release schedule and roadmap for 2024 & 2025. Find out the release dates of all DLCs here.

ARK Survival Evolved featured multiple maps, each with its own unique environment, challenges, and secrets, and Studio Wildcard will port some of them into ARK Survival Ascended. The Island map has already made its way into the game with its launch; however, players are waiting for the release of other maps. Here is the complete launch schedule for ARK Survival Ascended maps.

February 28 Update: We checked for the latest ARK Survival Ascended Map Release Schedule news today.

Latest News

23 February 2024 - The Center Map Delayed Indefinitely

During the most recent Community Crunch blog post (398) Studio Wildcard announced they have delayed the release of The Center map. You'll find the full explanation, just below:


"We’ve made the decision to postpone the Center as it wasn’t on track to launch with the level of quality we require. Our dedicated partners – who have been working on the Center while we focus on Scorched Earth – need more time to make sure it meets our expectations, and yours. We’re sorry for this change in plans but we know it will be well worth it when the Center launches!

We’d like to offer something for you to sink your teeth into right now though! The Gigantoraptor, originally intended to debut alongside 'The Center', will be released on Wednesday, Feb 28th for all Survivors on The Island. We hope your new majestic companion will keep you company while you wait for its home-map to receive its glow-up. In preparation for Gigantoraptor launch on Wednesday, we’ll be releasing a major version patch on Monday.

Thanks as always for your support. We’re thrilled with what we have in store for ARK: Survival Ascended over the coming months and look forward to sharing it with you. Between the Gigantoraptor next week and Scorched Earth on April 1st, there’s plenty of fresh ARK content heading your way!"

ARK Survival Ascended Map Release Schedule

Studio Wildcard will bring the following official and community-created maps, with each remastered and altered for the next generation:

All upcoming ARK Survival Ascended maps will be available for free.
All upcoming ARK Survival Ascended maps will be available for free. (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

Scorched Earth was first supposed to be released earlier than The Center in March 2024; however, as per the community's demand, it has been delayed. Instead, The Center will now be releasing in February 2024.

Apart from this, each map listed above will be available at no additional cost, as per Studio Wildcard. That's everything you need to know about the ARK Survival Ascended maps release schedule, and we will update this page if there are any changes to the above, so make sure to keep an eye on it