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How To Tame A Pyromane In ARK Survival Ascended | The Center

Tame this flaming feline as we show you how to locate and tame the new Pyromane in ARK Survival Ascended's The Center map.
How To Tame A Pyromane In ARK Survival Ascended | The Center
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With The Center map now live in ARK: Survival Ascended, players have plenty of new features to explore as they survive and thrive on the new map. One exciting addition is the new creatures, such as the Pyromane, a large fiery feline that you can tame and have by your side as you explore the vast and beautiful landscape of The Center.

If you're curious about how to get your hands on this new creature, we have all the details you need. Below, we will show you exactly how to locate and tame the new Pyromane in ARK: Survival Ascended The Center.

How To Tame A Pyromane On The Center Map In ASA

The recent addition of the ARK Fantastic Tames add-on/DLC has introduced a captivating new creature to the Center Map known as the Pyromane. Resembling a large cat or panther engulfed in flames, akin to Scorched Earth's Phoenix, the Pyromane stands out with its unique appearance and formidable abilities. Far from being a mere gimmick, this creature boasts potent abilities and practical uses, making it a valuable addition to any adventurer's arsenal in The Center.

ARK Survival Ascended The Center Pyromane How To Tame Items needee
Before going out to tame the Pyromane, you'll need a strong weapon as well as some protection against its fire attacks. (Picture: YouTube / Teachers Game Too)

To begin the taming process for the Pyromane, you'll need a potent damage-dealing weapon, preferably a shotgun, and adequate protection like a Ghillie suit, as you may need to withstand a few fiery hits. Once equipped, venture to the northeastern side of the map, particularly around Lava Island, where wild Pyromanes typically spawn.

Upon encountering a wild Pyromane, initiate the taming process by aggroing it towards you with a few well-placed shotgun rounds. Once provoked, your next step is to extinguish its flames. While waiting for rain is an option, a more proactive approach involves leading the creature to the nearest water source. As it plunges into the water, its flames will be quenched, allowing you to mount it and commence the second phase of taming.

ARK Survival Ascended The Center Pyromane How To Tame Extinguishing flames
The first part of the taming process requires that you aggro the Pyromane, and then lead it to water to extinguish its flames. (Picture: YouTube / Teachers Game Too)

While riding the Pyromane, your objective is to reignite its flames. This can be achieved by locating nearby wild dinos and setting them ablaze through attacks. Once a sufficiently large dino is engulfed in flames, utilize the Pyromane's Flame Absorb ability to siphon the flames from the creature and reignite its own, effectively completing the taming process.

It's crucial to note that when provoking the Pyromane, aim to reduce its health to at least 75% to expedite the taming process. Additionally, after extinguishing its flames and mounting it, you have a limited window of 20 seconds to locate a nearby dino, set it on fire, and absorb the flames.

ARK Survival Ascended The Center Pyromane How To Tame Reigniting flames
Once its flames are out and you have mounted it, you need to use the Pyromane to attack other creatures and reignite its flames, which will successfully tame it. (Picture: YouTube / Teachers Game Too)

Failure to do so within the timeframe will result in being thrown from the Pyromane, requiring you to restart the process. However, with careful execution, taming this powerful creature should be a swift and straightforward endeavor.

In conclusion, this guide provides a comprehensive breakdown of locating and taming Pyromanes in the Center map of ARK Survival Ascended. Special thanks to YouTuber Teachers Game Too for their informative video on this topic, which contributed to the development of this guide. For more insightful content, we recommend checking out the video embedded below.