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Next Armored Core 6 Rank & Leaderboard Reset

Armored Core 6's Ranked Mode is in full swing, but when will the ranks and leaderboard be reset?
Next Armored Core 6 Rank & Leaderboard Reset

Those looking for a competitive edge from their mecha-combat games should look no further than Armored Core 6's Ranked Matches. Added in the 1.05 Patch, Ranked Matches allow players to be matched against those of a similar ability, moving up the rank system to earn the coveted S-Rank distinction. 

But your ranking won't stick around forever. In fact, players can expect a periodic reset where the leaderboard, and every player's ranks, will be readujsted. In the patch notes, Bandai Namco said of the reset: "Players half-way up B-Rank and above will be relegated one rank according to their current rank and RP."

So, when is the next rank and leaderboard reset scheduled to occur?

When Is The Next Rank & Leaderboard Reset In Armored Core 6?

The next rank and leaderboard reset in Armored Core 6 Ranked Match is set to occur on the following date:

  • Wednesday, 29 February 2024

Armored Core 6 Ranking System: All Ranks

There are six ranks for players to progress through in Armored Core 6's Ranked Matches. They are divided into the following, starting from the lowest:

  • Unranked
  • D
  • C
  • B
  • A
  • S

Players move up through the ranks by earning Rank Points (RP). Once hitting S-Rank, players receive a rating based on their ability. The top 100 S-Rank players will have this rating displayed on their own rank icon.

How To Rank Up In Armored Core 6 Ranked Matches

Players can finally put their skills to the test in Armored Core 6's Ranked Matches. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

Aside from earning RP, players will need to be aware of the Promotion Phase. Essentially, when players have earned enough RP for their current rank, they'll enter the Promotion Phase. They'll then have a set number of matches to achieve decent results in order to be eligible to move up to the next rank.

Players will be competing in either Single (1v1) or Team (3v3) matches with their own rulesets. In Singles, RP is earned through victories. In Team, RP is earned through victories and also individual contribution to the match. Single matches have a 2 minute time limit, where as Team matches have 3. Maps are chosen at random.