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Bayonetta Creator Hideki Kamiya Says Franchise's Future Will "Continue" In His Absence

Hideki Kamiya, Bayonetta's creator and director, recently commented in a YouTube video on the series' future following his exit from the studio.
Bayonetta Creator Hideki Kamiya Says Franchise's Future Will "Continue" In His Absence
(Picture: PlatinumGames & YouTube / Hideki Kamiya Channel)

It has been over two months since Hideki Kamiya, PlatinumGames co-founder and original Bayonetta director, announced his departure from the Japanese studio. While he echoed that he'll continue to develop video games, Kamiya recently commented on the future of a series he created and directed, Bayonetta.

Kamiya, who served as one of the leading creatives and the creator and director of the acclaimed action gaming series, had posted a video to his YouTube channel speaking about what the future holds for the Bayonetta IP. His channel has become a widely followed account where dedicated fans have begun following as Kamiya provided updates on what's next for him.

As part of an ongoing series on his YouTube channel, Kamiya posted a third video responding to fans' comments regarding IPs he had previously worked, combating "workplace boredom" and more. In response to what will become of Bayonetta moving forward, he stated that the series will "probably" continue in his absence.

bayonetta news bayonetta 3 story widely criticized hideki kamiya series continues without him
Despite fans criticizing Bayonetta 3's story, the series looks to move forward without Hideki Kamiya, especially since he confirmed a fourth game was underway on Twitter last year. (Picture: PlatinumGames)

"The Bayonetta series would consist of nine episodes, and I wanted to grow the franchise as the Bayonetta' Saga', but it seems I may have to take the full saga to the grave with me. It's a shame. It's not like I own the Bayonetta IP, but I suppose those who do will probably keep it going."

Kamiya has previously been asked similar questions regarding the game's future, to which Kamita responded that he doesn't envision an ending for Bayonetta. Given the last releases were Bayonetta 3 in October 2022 and a prequel, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, in March 2023, it's likely that PlatinumGames may fulfill his wish of continuing Bayoneytta's journey as a nine-part story, but without his involvement.

This was evident when Kamiya tweeted in November 2022 that confirmed Bayonetta 4's development was underway. "I didn't think it was unexpected at all, but it seems that the ending of Bayo 3 wasn't conveyed correctly to everyone, so I think Bayo 4 will be an unexpected development for everyone."

Kamiya continued, "After all, when Bayo 4 comes out, I'm sure there will be people who say, 'You added that as an afterthought,' so I'll say it now." While the news came following Bayonetta 3's release, which saw fans expressing their disappointment with the game's story, who may direct the game following Kamiya's departure has yet to be revealed.