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Vampire Bloodhunt Battle Pass - Price, release date, all tiers and rewards

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt's first season battle pass is filled to the brim with rewards spread across 100 tiers.
Vampire Bloodhunt Battle Pass - Price, release date, all tiers and rewards

The new free-to-play battle royale, Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt, is now available and there’s already a battle pass for players to sink their teeth into. This will commence the first season for the third-person shooter and comes with a few new additions to the game which has been in early access for the past few months.

Along with new maps, a new game mode, and a new vampire archetype, the first battle pass for Bloodhunt will bring over 100 tiers to achieve rewards of both free and premium loot. Players will gain experience as they play that goes towards their battle pass level to achieve higher tiers.

Vampire Bloodhunt Battle Pass - Price and Date

Vampire bloodhunt battle pass release date price all tiers rewards
A reward that players will receive from the battle pass (Picture: Sharkmob)

The Vampire Bloodhunt battle pass costs 950 Tokens and it takes £8 to purchase 1,000 Tokens. Players also have the option to purchase the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,400 Tokens or £19.90.

Vampire Bloodhunt was released on 27 April 2022 and the battle pass is set to be available on 29 April 2022, so you have a few days to try the game before committing to a battle pass. There is currently no end date set for the first battle pass, but it’s advised to take action because you won’t be able to earn the rewards once it’s over.

If players go through all of the tiers, then they will receive a total of 1300 Tokens that can be a great help for purchasing the next battle pass. It should be noted that the Bloodhunt battle pass is non-refundable.

Vampire Bloodhunt Battle Pass - Tiers and Rewards 

Vampire bloodhunt battle pass release date price all tiers rewards
The Reprobate is an outfit that players can earn at tier 100 of the battle pass. (Picture: Sharkmob)

There will be over 100 tiers for players to reach and earn rewards. There is free content that will be earned every 4 to 5 tiers while the battle pass holders will receive rewards with every tier achieved. 

Battle pass holders will receive the free items alongside their premium ones. The loot from the battle pass includes cosmetics, emotes, player icons, XP boosts, and more.

Players with the battle pass will be receiving a few items at tier level 1 such as the legendary Iron Mask that can be worn by any of the vampire archetypes.

Some of the exciting rewards have been announced for the Premium Battle Pass holders.

  • Tier 1 - Iron Mask (Mask)
  • Tier 10 - Abated Appetite (Cosmetic)
  • Tier 11 - Can’t Handle This (Emote)
  • Tier 33 - Crest (Player Icon)
  • Tier 46 - Make My Day (Emote)
  • Tier 57 - Alabaster (Outfit)
  • Tier 71 - Leather Facade (Mask)
  • Tier 99 - Smokestack (Piercings)
  • Tier 100 - Onyx Droplet (Eyewear)
  • Tier 100 - Flaming Skull (Player Banner)
  • Tier 100 - Reprobate (Outfit)
  • Tier 100 - Rogue (Outfit)

These are some of the free content items that players will receive when playing the first season of Vampire Bloodhunt.

  • Tier 8 - Dark Rogue (Mask)
  • Tier 17 - Fleet Street (Outfit)
  • Tier 27 - Cross Reverance (Tattoo)
  • Tier 38 - No Man’s Land (Piercing)
  • Tier 47 - Anaerobic (Outfit)
  • Tier 73 - Procedure (Player Icon)
  • Tier 77 - Serpent Spire (Player Banner)
  • Tier 81 - Solarizing (Eyewear)
  • Tier 85 - Headshot (Outfit)
  • Tier 89 - River Styx (Makeup)

If a player decides to purchase the battle pass later in the season, they will earn all the rewards that they should have received for previous tiers.

Like battle passes for other games, players get to keep all the rewards they receive during the season and they will no longer be obtainable.

Check out the Vampire Bloodhunt Battle Pass launch trailer below.


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Featured image courtesy of Sharkmob.