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Vampire Bloodhunt Vandal guide - Powers, gameplay style, role, and more

The Vandal in Vampire Bloodhunt is great for dealing high amounts of damage; check out this guide on how to play the Vandal.
Vampire Bloodhunt Vandal guide - Powers, gameplay style, role, and more

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt offers players the ability to choose their character's Archetype from seven different options, each with a focus on a different gameplay element. Some Archetypes focus on trapping, stealth, or healing, while some just focus on dealing incredible amounts of damage and fighting as hard as possible.

The Vandal is the latter, as it's an Archetype designed around DPS gameplay. Here's everything you need to know about the Vandal Archetype, their gameplay style, and their powers.

Vampire Bloodhunt - Vandal Archetype guide

The Vandal can deal massive amounts of damage at once from a short distance. (Image: FlankRoosevelt - YouTube)

Sharkmob AB describes the Vandal Archetype as a "reckless brawler," which makes sense as they're a part of the physically aggressive and strong Brujah clan. Vandals use "sustained damage attacks" in combat, and have a "brutal" combat style, using "overt weapons and attacks."

Vandals not only seek out fights, but they're thrilled by them. The Vandal is a great choice for players who just want to jump out onto the battlefield and make it their mission to deal as much damage as possible.

"Immense strength is channeled through the fist of the Vandal, making them bring the combat up close and personal with enhanced durability and crushing force," the official description of the Vandal Archetype reads.

"The Vandal wants to close the gap between them and their enemies and stay there. They are the first to jump into battle and cause chaos among their enemies," it continues.

Vampire Bloodhunt - Vandal powers

The Vandal's powers optimize one-on-one, close-range interactions. (Image: Sharkmob AB)

The Vandal's powers allow them to get close to enemies and attack without taking significant damage to themselves.

The Vandal can use the following three powers throughout each game:

  • Clan Skill: Soaring Leap - Perform a powerful jump forward.
  • Passive Skill: Adrenaline Rush - Gain moderate damage resistance when in close vicinity to enemies.
  • Archetype Skill: Earth Shock - Leap forward and crash upon the ground, dealing damage and hurling enemies upward.

Because Adrenaline Rush is a passive skill, Vandal players can get up close with foes without worrying about activating a special power to protect them from their attacks. 

Now, you should have the knowledge you need to jump into your first game as the Vandal, or maybe you've gained the knowledge to enhance your gameplay as an already experienced player.

And don't worry, if the Vandal isn't your go-to, have a look at the rest of our Vampire Bloodhunt guides to find a post that fits your gameplay.


Featured image courtesy of Sharkmob AB.