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Vampire Bloodhunt Prowler guide - Powers, gameplay style, role and more

The Prowler Archetype in Vampire Bloodhunt is a fan favorite, so you may want to learn all about the Prowler's powers and role before playing.
Vampire Bloodhunt Prowler guide - Powers, gameplay style, role and more

The Prowler Archetype in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt equips players with the power to deal sweeping damage to enemies even while lurking around in the shadows. 

This Archetype is no doubt focused on doing as much damage as possible, but they tend to avoid taking damage of their own in the process thanks to their other abilities. 

Here's everything you need to know about the Prowler Archetype, including their powers, gameplay, role, and how to play them. 

Vampire Bloodhunt - Prowler archetype

The Prowler Archetype is aggressive yet stealthy, an interesting combination that allows fans to experiment with their playstyle. (Image: Sharkmob AB)

Described as "relentless hunters" by Sharkmob AB, Prowlers are one of the most combat-aggressive roles in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt - but they don't sacrifice strategy or stealth in the process, using tracking to their benefit. 

"By mastering beasts in nature as well as the Beast within, the Prowler has the unparalled ability to track and reveal enemies," the Bloodhunt site reads.

"Like any other efficient predator, the Prowler seeks out weakened enemies and gives them no rest. Then, they disappear, waiting for their next victim," it also says of the Prowler. 

They are capable of tracking down enemies and approaching them before going in for a hit that finishes them off, allowing for an easy kill. 

At the same time, though, Prowlers are equipped with stealth abilities that allow them to sneak up on enemies and protect themselves before lashing out. 

Prowlers are a part of the Nosferatu clan. 

Vampire Bloodhunt - Prowler powers

Each Archetype comes with three special powers, and the Prowler's focus on sneaking up on enemies before dealing incredible amounts of damage. (Image: Sharkmob AB)

The Prowler's powers make them extremely excellent at finding bleeding and hiding enemies, allowing the Prowler to finish the job if need be. 

Their abilities are as follows: 

  • Clan Power: Vanish - Become invisible and move faster for a brief period.
  • Passive Power: Sense the Beast - Severely wounded leaves a trail that reveals their last location.
  • Archetype Power: Scouting Famulus - Send bats to scout an area and reveal enemy locations through walls.

Scouting Famulus and Sense the Beast provide strong tracking, allowing the vampire to find other players with ease.

Vanish makes approaching foes easy, so then the Prowler can land a finishing shot. 

Now you know everything about the Prowler, from their skills to their gameplay style to get up and running. For more Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt tips, guides, and news check out our dedicated Vampire Bloodhunt section!


Featured image courtesy of Sharkmob AB.