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Best SKS loadout for Warzone Season 2

The SKS marksman rifle is not a particularly popular weapon amongst Warzone players, but if you are interested in some experimentation in Warzone Season 2, we think that this is the best SKS loadout.
Best SKS loadout for Warzone Season 2

Warzone Season 2 is finally here, and it brings several exciting new weapons, but some players think that now is the perfect time to experiment with some older guns while the meta is still fresh and "unsolved".

One of the particularly interesting weapons is the SKS marksman rifle. This lightweight semi-auto Carbine is great for mid-range fights while having a great potential at long-distance engages as well.

The rifle's weakest point is definitely a rather poor accuracy, but the weapon boasts a faster fire rate than other weapons in its class, and if you can hit your shots consistently, you will be able to take down quite a few enemies before they even come into a position to pose a serious threat.

If you are getting a bit bored with the most popular snipers in the game and want to try something new, SKS is probably something you will find interesting to try out, and this is the best class setup you should use to maximise its potential in Warzone Season 2.

Best SKS loadout in Warzone Season 2

For the best results with SKS in Warzone S2, we recommend these attachments:

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
    Not much to say here, the Monolithic Suppressor is simply a staple of almost any sniper build.
  • Barrel: 22" FSS M59/66
    sks warzone best loadout season 2
    (Picture: Activision)
    This barrel greatly increases Bullet Velocity and extends the Damage Range. With added Recoil Control, it will make your shots deadlier and more precise.
  • Optic: 4.0x Flip Hybrid
    This long-range 4.0x optic manually flips to closer range holographic sight, exactly what we need for this hybrid build.
    sks warzone best loadout season 2
    (Picture: Activision)
  • Underbarrel: Operator Foregrip
    The Operator Foregrip offers better Recoil Control which is important for when you need to quickly fire follow-up shots at your target.

And that would be it. We are leaving the Stock slot open. If you are considering adding something, some players like to play with Sawed-off Stock for those tight situations where you need to be quick, but we don't think it is really necessary, especially because it hinders Aiming Stability and Recoil Control.

Keep in mind that this weapon takes a little time to get used to. That's because it is quite different from everything you used to play with, but once you understand how it functions and what are its weaknesses and strengths, you will see that it packs a lot of hidden power.

If you are not really into experimentation and you simply want to dominate your games with reliable weapons which are proven good, take a look at our Pelington 703 loadout and LW3Tundra for Warzone Season 2.