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Best ZRG 20mm loadout for Warzone Season 2

Got your hands on the new Warzone sniper rifle and looking for the best possible ZRG 20mm? We've got you covered with all the right attachments to use.
Best ZRG 20mm loadout for Warzone Season 2

With the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone patch released on 7th April, a brand-new sniper rifle is now available in both Call of Duty titles. It is called the ZRG 20mm and you can unlock it quite easily by completing an in-game challenge or spending some money to purchase the "Jackpot Sniper" bundle. After you've unlocked the new weapon, you can use it to great effect in Warzone Season 2, if you have the right ZRG 20mm loadout featuring all the best attachments.

New Warzone sniper: Best ZRG 20mm loadout

The ZRG 20mm is the fourth Cold War sniper rifle added to Warzone. It fires powerful 20mm rounds, as the name suggests, and boasts a higher bullet velocity than any other weapon in its class, making it an extremely deadly long-ranged gun to use in Warzone Season 2.

It also comes with a comparatively fast reload speed. However, picking the best attachments for a perfect ZRG 20mm loadout can be quite difficult. 

Thankfully, finding the best ZRG 20mm loadout is easy thanks to famous Call of Duty content creator JGOD, who has shared his attachment picks that players can use to dominate the long-ranged battles in Verdansk.

Best ZRG 20mm loadout attachments warzone season 2 class setup(Picture: JGOD)

The best ZRG 20mm loadout for Warzone Season 2 is:

  • Muzzle: Agency Moderator
  • Barrel: 43.9” Combat Recon
  • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip
  • Ammunition: 5 Rnd
  • Rear Grip: Speed Tape

The standard 3 Round magazine simply isn't enough so we went with the 5 Rnd attachment. In terms of the Muzzle, Agency Moderator is by far the preferred choice.

To play around a bit, you can use almost any Underbarrel attachment for the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle in Warzone Season 2 but the Bruiser Grip is probably your best bet, increasing movement speed and aiming stability. Alternatively, you can scrap the Underbarrel and pick an Optic that suits your playstyle best. 

Content creator JGOD goes into detail about all the best attachment picks for the ZRG 20mm for Warzone in the video below.


So there you have it, the best loadout for the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle in Warzone Season 2. 

As always, remember to swap out some attachments to find the best combination for your ZRG 20mm loadout, as experimentation with different setups is always part of the fun.

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