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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
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News > FPS > Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Nuketown '84 to make Cold War debut 24 Nov, free Weapon Bundle for players

One of Call of Duty's most iconic maps will be added to the game on Tuesday, 24th November

When you think of Call of Duty multiplayer, many will think of Nuketown, the map that first appeared in the original Call of Duty: Black Ops, it has now appeared in six Call of Duty games.

Well, make that seven because Nuketown '84 is set to debut in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Sporting a new, slightly psychedelic look, Nuketown '84 will look and play in that familiar CQB style.

Treyarch had kept the map back, perhaps to give the player base, who are now spread across not just consoles and PCs but generations too with the PS5 and Xbox One Series X|S releasing a few weeks after Black Ops Cold War, something to come together and celebrate.

To add to this festivities Treyarch us also giving every player who purchases the game before the 3rd December an exclusive Nuketown Weapon Bundle.

Nuketown weapon bundle how to get
(Picture: Treyarch)

What is inside the Nuketown Weapon Bundle

Nuketown weapon bundle
(Picture: Treyarch)

Getting the bundle is easy, players must have purchased the game before 3rd, December and it will be there for you when you fire up the game.

The Weapon Bundle will be available in all game modes including Zombies and Warzone (when it releases on the 10th December).

  • “Last Stop” Epic Shotgun Blueprint: With this Weapon Blueprint, any enemy who dares to challenge you in close quarters will know it’s the end of the road. This configuration includes a 21.6” Paratrooper Barrel, a 6 RND Tube Magazine, a Milstop Reflex Optic, and a Commando Assembly Stock. 
  • Six Weapon Charms: These six mannequin Weapon Charms are a perfect fit for any long-time Nuketown fan. Pick your favourite well-sculpted hunk – “Chad,” “Thad,” or “Vlad” – or a flawless friend – “Karen,” “Sharon,” and “Bobbi McDaren” – to give your favourite weapon more personality.
  • “Test Subjects” Sticker: Let your enemies know you’re ready to go nuclear with the “Test Subjects” sticker, which can be slapped onto most weapons in the Gunsmith.
  • “Nuketown Legend” Emblem and “Omnibus” Calling Card: Spruce up your player profile with some classic Nuketown imagery through the “Nuketown Legend” Emblem and “Omnibus” Calling Card.