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Twitch Rivals Warzone S7 Showdown: Schedule, format, prize pool, teams, more

A new era of Warzone tournaments is upon us as players will now face off against each other in one massive lobby. Here is everything you need to know about the Twitch Rivals: Call of Duty: Warzone Season 7 Showdown.
Twitch Rivals Warzone S7 Showdown: Schedule, format, prize pool, teams, more

Call of Duty: Warzone tournaments are about to level up. With tournament organizers now having the ability to create custom lobbies, Twitch Rivals, who have put on some of the most entertaining Warzone tournaments to date, are hosting an event where competitors will directly face off against each other in custom lobbies.

This is in contrast to previous Warzone tournaments have been kill-races in public lobbies meaning teams would rarely, if ever, actually fight each other.

Warzone Season 7 Showdown schedule format how to watch
(Picture: Activision Blizzard)

That's why the Warzone Season 7 Showdown will make for a very different tournament, games will likely be played at a slower pace, and it will make for interesting viewing as teams employ different tactics to secure the victory.

This event is for European streamers with the 148 invited players pairing up as Duos. There will be five games in all, with points awarded for placement and kills.

The event will take place on Thursday, 14th of January - here is all the info you need before it begins.


The tournament is a one-day event with all the action taking place on the 14th January starting shortly after 6:00 am PT / 15:00 CET.


All the confirmed participants can be found on the Twitch Rivals tournament page.


  • Warzone Duos in Private Lobbies
  • 74 Teams // 148 Players
  • Five (5) Games
  • Duos earn points from placement and kills during each game
  • Duos are ultimately ranked based on total points after all games are played

Scoring system

Points (Incremental)
Total Points (per Game)
Victory +5 20
Reach Top 5 +5 15
Reach Top 15 +5 10
Reach Top 25 +5 5

Each Kill = +1 Point


  • Total Number of Victories
  • Average Kills per Game
  • Average Placement per Game
  • Placement in the last Game

Prize pool

There is $75,000 on the line with the top Duo taking home $15,000.

Prizing (per Duo)
1st $15,000
2nd $8,000
3rd $6,000
4th $5,000
5th $4,000
6th - 7th $3,000
8th - 10th $2,000
11th - 15th $1,000
16th - 20th $650
21st - 25th $550
26th - 30th $450
31st - 35th $350
36th - 40th $300
41st - 49th $250


Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown Season 7 - how to watch

All of the action can be watched from the official Twitch Rivals stream which we have included for you below.

Because it is Twitch Rivals that means all the action from each participant will also be streamed on their channel. We will update this page with a select few with the competitors are confirmed.