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Could Warzone helmets and armour release with Season 3?

Dataminers have found evidence suggesting that helmets and possibly other armour could release with Warzone Season 3.
Could Warzone helmets and armour release with Season 3?

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 is expected to release on either 21st or 22nd April 2021, and as Season 2 slowly motors on, Verdansk might come to a destructive end, according to various leaks and rumours. As with every other season of Warzone, leaks have started to appear, giving us a possible early look at what we can expect, including the chance of eight new vehicles, and an 80s Black Ops Cold War-themed map. Now, dataminers have also found equippable helmets added to the game's files, which means we might see armour appear in the game.

Warzone Season 3: Helmets and Armour

Firstly, as with all leaks of this nature, you should take the information with a large helping of salt. With this disclaimer out of the way, dataminers seem to have found Warzone helmets in the game's files, pointing towards an armour system.

It is important to also note that before Warzone released back in March 2020, details about an equippable armour system were also found in the game's files, which included tiers of armour, and equippable helmets. 

Dataminer Nanikos and VanguardIntel note that helmets have reappeared in the game's files.

Helmets in Warzone seem to have three tiers to them, with increased effectiveness:

  • Lvl 1: Reduces Headshot Damage by 15%
  • Lvl 2: Reduces Headshot Damage by 30%
  • Lvl 3: Reduces Headshot Damage by 30%. Reduces flash and concussion effects

These might just be from old files, right? Well, it appears operator voice lines for pinging a helmet or a piece of armour in Warzone has been found in the game's files as well, which is completely new. Further, there are some interesting strings to be found, such as the ability to activate contracts from your inventory.

Warzone helmets armour system season 3(Picture: Nanikos)

This is leading some to believe Activision is gearing up to release an armour system in Warzone Season 3.

When will Helmets and the armour system release in Warzone? Well, some think the system will release with Warzone Season 3 on 21st or 22nd April. Others, on the other hand, think this might just be old files reappearing.

We will just have to wait and see what Activision has in store for us when Warzone Season 3 releases.