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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
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Warzone Quads World Record smashed by Aydan and his squad

Aydan and his squad have smashed the previous Warzone World Record, netting a mind-blowing 162 kills in a single match.

Popular Call of Duty content creator and streamer, Aydan "Aydan" Conrad, is no stranger to Warzone World Records. He already holds the record for the most kills in Solos vs Quads as well as Trios vs Quads. According to DrDisrespect, he is the best controller player out there. Now, Aydan has another big notch under his belt, setting a new World Record for most kills in Quads with his squad.

Aydan's squad sets new Warzone Quads World Record 

The previous World Record for the most kills from a Quads team in Warzone was 141. That's before Aydan, ScummN, Newbz, and Almond absolutely ravaged Verdansk recently by getting a mind-blowing 162 kills combined.

Aydan and his squad split up into two teams of two for a 500 USD wager, trying to get the most kills. Using the FFAR and AUG to great success, Aydan and his squad easily broke the world record.

Aydan shared a screenshot of the final scoreboard on Twitter, which you can check out below.

New Warzone Quads world record Aydan(Picture: Aydan)

Aydan notes this Warzone World Record will "NEVER be broken". While they knew they broke the record long before the match ended, the squad wanted to make sure it was nearly impossible to beat.

This new Quads World Record in Warzone is especially amazing since there were only 150 players in the match.

At the end of the match with 161 kills on the board, they even dropped $25,000 next to a buy station, hoping their opponent would buy back his teammates. However, the last player didn't take the bait and Aydan's squad ended with 162 kills.

Keep in mind these players were essentially playing in pairs of two, facing full squads and they smashed their way to a new Warzone World Record in Quads.