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How To Reverse Boost In MW3?

We don't suggest you to do it, but if you have to, here's how.
How To Reverse Boost In MW3?
Picture: Activision

While players are enjoying Modern Warfare 3, a ton of players are against the skill-based matchmaking that it offers, because of which they are not able to enjoy the game as the game puts them against a bunch of try-hard players. This has forced them to do reverse boosting that will force the matchmaking system of MW3 to put them into some easier lobbies. Here is how you can reverse boost yourself in MW3:

How to Reverse Boost in MW3?

Reverse boosting is frowned upon in the gaming world. (Picture: Activision)

Before we proceed to the steps of reverse boosting in MW3, we would like to suggest you to not do it as it may ruin the experience for those who are genuinely new or struggling with the game and it may not give you a challenge in the game and you might get bored of playing. 

To reverse boost in MW3, all you have to do is simply perform badly in a few matches. This includes keeping your K/D low, rushing and dying, and basically throwing the game. After that, the matchmaking system will put you up in low-skilled lobbies and once you are back to your high level, you can repeat the same to reverse boost yourself. 

However, keep in mind that this is not something that we have tested but is based on what players have reported on social media networks and multiple forums. That's everything you needed to know about reverse boosting in MW3.