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All Callisto Protocol Death Animations

In this guide we'll take a look at all the gruesome death animations you'll witness when playing The Callisto Protocol.
All Callisto Protocol Death Animations

The Callisto Protocol has just been released and being a successor to the iconic Dead Space franchise, it's only natural for the game to be a masterpiece of blood, gore, and mutilation. As such, the game features death animations that go well beyond brutal, and if you want to know more then keep reading.

In this article, we'll discuss all of the death animations that players can witness when playing The Callisto Protocol, and the messy details surrounding each of them. So without further delay, let's jump right in.

The Callisto Protocol - All Death Animations

Based on the reviews and other players' experience with the game, The Callisto Protocol has at least 28 death animations, each one unique to the various scenarios and enemies you encounter in the game. For those looking to see them all in person, you'll have to get Jacod killed in all kinds of situations by the various inhabitants of Black Iron Prison, which might be a strenuous task. 

So to alleviate that, we've highlighted a few of the more stand-out death animations below and embedded a video listing the rest of these gruesome deaths at the end of this article.

The Callisto Protocol All Death Animations First one being regular
The first death animation you'll encounter is fairly simple, but still quite horrific. (Picture: Krafton)

One of the first death animations you may see is from one of the more low-level enemies that you first encounter in the game. They'll tackle Jacob and gouge their thumbs into his eyeballs, gouging them into his brain if they cause enough damage. 

These gruesome cutscenes will be provided not only by enemies but also by simple environmental factors such as fans decapitating Jacob if he gets too close. This was something employed in Dead Space, but The Callisto Protocol takes it one step further, adding these tense and terrifying death animations to highlight the danger you're in.

The Callisto Protocol All Death Animations Alternate ways to die
The game also features some more bone-chilling deaths from other sources such as the environment and the automated wardens. (Picture: YouTube / Backseat Guides)

The next would be a death suffered at the hand of one of the prison's robotic wardens, once Jacob is captured by the automaton it will tear one of his legs off, and not in a clean way. Then as Jacob writhes in pain on the ground, it will step on his head, killing him instantly. 

What makes this bone-chilling isn't just the gore, but the lifeless nature of the machine tearing Jacob apart with no emotion and giving a new layer of fear to the game besides running from mutated humans.

As we mentioned there are tons of death animations in the game and if you're not faint of heart, you can check out a video with some of those animations below from Backseat Guides YouTube Channel that showcases many of them in all their bloody excellence. But be sure to check back here soon as we and other players dig through the game and possibly find more of these intense death animations. 

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All featured images are courtesy of Krafton.