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The Callisto Protocol Left Over 20 Important Developers Out Of The Credits

According to recent reports, Striking Distance, the studio behind The Callisto Protocol, left several key developers out of its credits.
The Callisto Protocol Left Over 20 Important Developers Out Of The Credits

The Callisto Protocol was released by Striking Distance Studios last month to much acclaim, but not everyone is celebrating the game's success. Around 20 developers are instead spending the time after the game's release insisting that they should have been added to the credits after putting significant work, time, and energy into the game, according to an interview with GI.Biz.

the callisto protocol developers credits
Over 20 important developers and staff members were left out of the credits for The Callisto Protocol, Striking Distance Studios' recently released survival horror title. (Picture: Striking Distance Studios)

"It definitely stings," said one source as they explained their frustration with the credits. "It sucks. I made a good amount of contribution and worked on it for [a length of time]. To just not be there at all is shitty."

Another developer explained that the individuals who were left out of the credits were full-time employees, not contractors or individuals who had only briefly worked on the project. The employees left out included senior developers and even individuals who directed major portions of the game.

Sometimes contractors or those who only contribute minor work to a game are not included in the game's credits, but it is unusual for such major players to be entirely omitted.

the callisto protocol employees developers credits
Sources say that the names left out of The Callisto Protocol's credits belong to senior developers and other key staff members who worked on the game. (Picture: Striking Distance Studios)

"I understand if a contractor does a small amount of work for a few months and is left off, but we're talking full-time employees with over a year invested in the title, and had a hand in significant parts of the product," one of the unnamed developers said. "That's where the surprise has come from for a lot of us."

This wouldn't be the first fumble Striking Distance Studios made in regard to The Callisto Protocol. In September 2022, Callisto Protocol director Glen Schofield posted - and soon deleted - a Tweet that described the team behind The Callisto Protocol working "6-7 days a week," even putting in overtime each day to ensure that the game met its release date. Schofield later apologized in an interview with Inverse for his comments and for overworking his team, saying that he "messed up."

Striking Distance Studios has yet to comment on the developers' lack of inclusion in the credits. However, it's possible we could hear a response from the studio on their social media accounts or through a press release sometime soon.