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The Callisto Protocol Difficulty Settings Explained

In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about the difficulty modes available in The Callisto Protocol.
The Callisto Protocol Difficulty Settings Explained

If you've been checking out the recent review of The Callisto Protocol, then you're likely well aware that the game is as challenging as it is horrific. This is due to the game's preset difficulty being fairly tough, to begin with, but it also features other difficulty modes depending on player preference.

So in this guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about the difficulty mode options you have when playing The Callisto protocol, as well as what each difficulty mode offers players when playing. 

The Callisto Protocol - All Difficulty Modes Explained

The Callisto Protocol features three main difficulty modes that players can choose when playing the game. These are: 

The Callisto Protocol All Difficulty Modes Explained three modes
There are currently three difficulty modes that each increase the enemy's damage and decrease your overall resistance. (Picture: Krafton)
  • Minimum Security - If you have full health, you can withstand a few hits here and there and avoid being killed instantly by tougher foes. Unless you're running low on ammo and health, you won't have to retry encounters very often.
  • Medium Security - As you take more damage per hit, the annoyances of the first difficulty increase. Group encounters necessitate patience and forethought.
  • Maximum Security - Jacob is basically a walking piece of rice paper and can be easily one-shot in most cases. So prepare to be knocked out in a matter of seconds and to see tons of gruesome death animations.

When it comes to distinguishable differences between these difficulties, the main focus is on how much damage you can take, and how many resources there are for you to use in battle. However, as you increase the security level, enemies deal more damage, you take more damage, and resources such as The Callisto Protocol's Callisto Credits and ammo become scarce, similar to how the difficulty presets worked in Dead Space, this game's ancestor.

Some reports are stating that a new Hardcore Mode will be added to the game in February 2023. This difficulty level will probably be even more difficult than Maximum Security, and will likely have every enemy one-shot you, or implement a permadeath feature, which sounds great for the masochists among us. 

The Callisto Protocol All Difficulty Modes Explained new modes coming soon
Supposedly a new difficulty will also be added in 2023, so stay tuned for more. (Picture: Krafton)

But for right now, most are recommending that you play the game on Minimum security to get the full experience of the game and not experience too many frustrations (though you will still die quite often). If you desire more challenging gameplay, you can always take another run at the game at a higher difficulty. 

Be sure to check back here soon as we will update this article with more information about the new mode coming to the game, as well as possible changes made to the game's three current difficulties.

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All featured images are courtesy of Krafton.