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Cities Skylines 2 Roadmap (2024): When Is The Next Update?

Cities Skylines 2 has a number of DLCs on the way, alongside updates, throughout 2024. Here's what's in the pipeline.
Cities Skylines 2 Roadmap (2024): When Is The Next Update?

Having launched in October 2023, Cities Skylines 2 has had a somewhat rocky path into 2024. Fans of the series have been hoping for a wave of updates to fix some of the noticeable performance issues that have been cropping up in-game. On top of that, developer Colossal Order had also revealed a timeline for new content set to arrive throughout 2024.

Below, we'll go over everything we know about the Cities Skylines 2 roadmap, including when we can expect to see more content and updates launch in-game. 

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Cities Skyline 2 Roadmap & Content Schedule

There are a number of updates set for 2024, beginning in Q1, which is expected to cover January, February, and March. Remaining content is expect to drop in Q2, which should cover April, May, and June.

Q1 2024 Content

In Q1 2024, Colossal Order have outlined two pieces of content that should be heading into Cities Skylines 2:

  • Beach Properties Asset Pack
  • Deluxe Relax Station

Beach Properties Asset Pack

This asset pack has been listed as including "everything you need to bring life to your waterfronts." This asset pack will allow players to build beach housing areas, and bring new customization options to your city. 

Q2 2024 Content

65c39362a0a1c-cs2 sea ports.jpg
New marine industries will be arriving in the Bridges and Ports Expansion Pack. (Picture: Colossal Order)

Heading to the game in Q2 2024 are even more features. Players should expect the following to arrive in either April, May, or June:

  • Bridges and Ports Expansion Pack
  • Urban Promenades Creator Pack
  • Modern Architecture Creator Pack
  • Soft Rock Radio Statio
  • Cold Wave Channel Radio Station

Bridges and Ports Expansion

This expansion pack is expected to bring some of the most new content to Cities Skylines 2, offering a new set of tools to bring ports and marine industries to your cities. The expansion is set to include draw bridges, lighthouses, and over 100 new assets to expand your city.

Content Creator Packs

The two Content Creator Packs (Urban Promenades & Modern Architecture) will include over 30 assets each, having been crafted by two of the Cities Skylines communtiy's favorite creators.

Players who purchased the Cities Skylines 2 Ultimate Edition will receive access to all of the above upcoming content at no additional cost. At the time of writing, an exact release date for the expansions and DLC packs has yet to be announced.