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Clash Royale Champions update: King Level 14, Champions rarity and more

The Champions have arrived to Clash Royale with new progression changes, rewards, balance changes and more.
Clash Royale Champions update: King Level 14, Champions rarity and more

Supercell has released a brand new update for its strategy card game, Clash Royale. The update is the game’s largest yet due to massive progression changes implemented for the game.

On the back of the game’s Shocktober content update, the latest update will see plenty of changes that will make the grind less tedious. We break down the latest patch notes for Clash Royle’s Champions update including changes to King Level and tournament cap as well as new the Champions rarity added to the game.

Clash Royale Champions update: King’s Tower Level 14

As mentioned in our previous article, the biggest change players will see is the huge upgrade of the King’s Tower from Level 13 to Level 14. This will see an increase in health and damage to both the King’s and Princess Towers and higher card upgrade progression.

clash royale champions update king's tower level 14 upgrade
The King's Tower upgrade from Level 13 to Level 14 has arrived. (Picture: Supercell Games)

Card upgrade costs have been reduced for all rarities as players will be reimbursed cards spent on previous upgrades only for Epic rarity at Level 11, 12 and 13. Gold upgrade costs were also reduced between Level 11 and 13 and King Level experience has also been reduced.

Players will now earn XP for all upgrades and donations as a result of this update which will come in handy when upgrading. If you’re unsure as to how much XP you will receive, players can use the King Level Forecaster to provide more insight.

Clash Royale Champions update: Star Points

Players will now be able to unlock Star Points at King Level 6 however, can start accumulating Star Points the moment they start their Clash Royale journey. Players can earn Star Points by upgrading their Battle Deck cards, collecting max-level cards or donating cards to members in your Clan.

These Star Points can be redeemed against cosmetics for your cards, akin to skins. However, in order to spend your Star Points, you will need to reach King Level 6.

clash royale champions update star points breakdown
Supercell have outlined the breakdown of Star Points in Clash Royale. (Picture: Supercell Games)

Supercell outlined how the Star Points system works in Clash Royale:

  • Level 7 cards unlocks Star Level 1
  • Level 10 cards unlocks Star Level 2
  • Level 13 cards unlocks Star Level 3

Supercell had reduced the required number of Star Points needed for Star Level 1 and 2. The developer has gifted all Clash Royale players with 25,000 Star Points to kickstart their pool which can be viewed on the Home screen by tapping your XP bar.

Clash Royale Champions update: New Champions

Supercell has also revealed a new unit coming to the game - Champions. Champions. Sitting above Legendary, Champions are unlocked at King Level 14.

  • Archer Queen: her cloaking ability turns the Archer Queen invisible while shooting arrows for maximum damage.
  • Golden Knight: with a luscious mane, the Golden Knight’s Dashing Dash ability allows him to chain attacks on multiple enemies by dashing towards them.
  • Skeleton King: this Champion’s main ability is to resurrect the souls of the dead to join him in battle.
clash royale new champions rarity archer queen golden knight skeleton king
A new rarity, Champions, have been added to Clash Royale. (Picture: Supercell Games)

If players have yet to reach King Level 14, there will be an opportunity to try them out in Special Challenges. These challenges are divided into two separate challenges where you will need to complete the first set to advance.

The first challenge will have an infinite amount of retries plus rewards that will satisfy the heart of a champion. These rewards include 10,000 Gold and a Book of Cards to upgrade your cards.

The second challenge will reward players with 15,000 Gold and a Champion emote for each Champion available to use during battle.

Clash Royale Champions update: More and more rewards

Players can expect an abundance of rewards arriving in-game with the Champions update. There will be more Gold and more chests to be awarded to players depending on your arena level and King Level.

Supercell has updated the Gold Rush to announce the arrival of Champions to the game. With Champions Gold Rush, players can earn up to 200,000 Gold from battles based on their current Arena level.

clash royale champions update more rewards king gold
With Champion Gold Rush, players can earn up to 200,000 Gold from battles. (Picture: Supercell Games)

More Gold chests will be rewarded to players which can now be unlocked at King Level 10. As such, players at Levels 11,12 and 13 will be seeing fewer Silver chests to make space for more Gold chest rewards.

But, with that being said, the game introduces a brand new type of chest: Royal Wild Chest. Available at King Level 14, these chests will guarantee players Wild cards, Gold and a Champion.

clash royale champions update gold chest new chest royal wild chest
Gold chests will be more available in higher levels while a new chest is added to Clash Royale. (Picture: Supercell Games)

To get your hands on a Royal Wild Chest, these will be available on the free rewards tier of the Pass Royale as well as part of your chest cycle from King Level 10 onwards.

A new progression system, the King’s Journey, has been added to Clash Royale as a way for players to monitor their progress. The King’s Journey can help players see what rewards can be unlocked at each level and players can receive a free Level Up Chest when upgrading to the next King Level.

clash royale, champions update, kings journey, progression system, level up chest
Supercell introduce the King's Journey which helps players monitor their progress. (Picture: Supercell Games / Ashleigh Klein)

The Level Up Chest will contain Gold, Gems, cards and a guaranteed Champion at King Level 14.

Clash Royale Champions update: Quality of life changes

Supercell has detailed a few improvements and balance changes that were included in the Champions update.

The tournament cap level for cards has been moved up from Level 9 to Level 11. This change applies when entering Global Tournaments, Friendly Battles, Classic/Grand Challenges and Special limited-time Challenges.

clash royale champions update tournament cap
Supercell has included a change to the tournament cap for selected challenges including Classic Deck Challenges. (Picture: Supercell Games / Ashleigh Klein)

The Deck Builder tool has been introduced to the game for Global Tournaments and Classic/Grand Challenges only. This is to keep matches fair and balanced while retaining their competitiveness.

Players can now use all cards available in Clash Royale to build their deck. These include cards players have yet to unlock, including higher rarities like Epic, Legendary and the new Champions rarity.

clash royale champions update tv royale decks copy battle deck
Players can now copy decks from TV Royale into their Battle Deck. (Picture: Supercell Games)

Decks from your battle log and TV Royale can easily be copied into your Battle Deck builder and you can rearrange your cards in your deck by holding onto the card and moving them around.

Clash Royale Champions update: Additional fixes and improvements

  • Increased delay between Emote uses
  • Increased "required trophies" number in clans to reflect the changes to Trophy Road
  • Fix for TV Royale replays showing the incorrect Arena number
  • Fix for unintended interaction with Goblin Drill and Clone
  • Change Goblin Drill’s trail to make it more distinct from the Miner
  • Fixed an issue with Replays becoming stuck
  • Some UI fixes
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Other minor improvements

Clash Royale’s Champions update is now live for Android and iOS devices. Good luck, Champions! We’ll be seeing you in the Arena.


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Featured image courtesy of Supercell Games.