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Clash Royale Season 35 Bewitched – Balance changes, Pass Royale rewards, more

Clash Royale has been Bewitched in the Season 35 update, including new Witch-themed content, balance changes and rewards to earn.
Clash Royale Season 35 Bewitched – Balance changes, Pass Royale rewards, more

Halloween has arrived early to Supercell’s real-time strategy mobile game, Clash Royale, in the Season 35 update, Bewitched. This season is centred around the iconic Witch with new themed content for free and paid players to enjoy.

The Bewitched season starts on 2nd May 2022, so you can begin progressing through the free or paid tier system to earn rewards by taking down towers. We’ll provide an overview of the brand new season, including all the free and paid rewards, balance changes and more.

Clash Royale Season 35 Bewitched update – New Pass Royale rewards

Clash Royale Season 35 update, Bewitched, sees a plethora of magical rewards added to the game’s battle pass tier system, Pass Royale. As we’ll be seeing plenty of witches throughout the season, Pass Royale holders have “unlimited entries” to Special Challenges, a Golden Name and can place chests in queues to be opened.

clash royale season 35 bewitched update pass royale paid rewards skins emotes book of books magic coin keys cards gold trade tokens
Season 35 sees a refreshed Pass Royale, including new rewards like a Witch-themed Tower Skin and Emote. (Picture: Supercell)

So, what exclusive content will Pass Royale holders gain this season? Take a look at all the enchanting rewards available through the Pass Royale:

  • Unique Crystal Cauldron Tower Skin & Skeleton Love Emote
  • Book of Books x1
  • Magic Coin x1
  • Chest Keys x2
  • A Legendary Wild Card
  • Epic. Rare and Common Wild cards
  • 40,000 Gold
  • Trade Tokens x4
  • A maximum of 25,000 Gold in Bonus Bank Gold

Clash Royale Season 35 Bewitched update – Free Bewitched season rewards

Pass Royale holders can’t have all the spooky fun as Supercell has detailed the free rewards available this season. These rewards are only available to players that have reached Arena 7 and higher, and as such, these will also be available to Pass Royale holders.

clash royale season 35 bewitched update free rewards cards chests keys
The Bewitched update sees plenty of free rewards for players to earn throughout the season. (Picture: Supercell)

No Pass Royale, no problem. We have detailed below all the free rewards players can cash in on during the game’s Season 35 Bewitched update:

  • Common Book of Cards x1
  • Royal Wild Chest x1
  • Epic Wild Cards x10
  • Rare Wild Cards x20
  • Common Wild Cards x50
  • Chest Keys x2
  • Crown Chests x33
  • Legendary Wild Card x1

Clash Royale Season 35 Bewitched update – Balance Changes and Super Witch Challenge

Clash Royale’s Season 35 Bewitched update will see no balance changes for now after the previous season, Mighty Mine, saw massive overhauls for several cards. Instead, this season will be focusing on the paid and free content and the upcoming Super Witch Challenge event.

clash royale season 35 bewitched update super witch challenge super troops challenge starting deck
The Super Witch Challenge event is this season's spin on the popular Super Troops Challenge. (Picture: Supercell)

The Super Witch Challenge event is this season’s variation of the popular Supper Troops Challenge, where the Super Witch card will immediately be placed in the starting deck. This card costs 6 Elixir as it has the combined abilities of the current witch cards, Witch, Night Witch and Mother Witch.

When placed onto the battle arena, the Super Witch will spawn with 4 Skeletons and Bats and can apply the Curse to opposing troops, turning them into hogs. Completing this event will reward you with an exclusive Emote, the Witch Skeleton Rise.

This season of Clash Royale promises to be quite a spectral extravaganza with new Pass Royale and free rewards, a new theme challenge event and more in the Bewitched update.


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Featured image courtesy of Supercell.