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Clash Royale Clashmas update: Balance changes, Pass Royale rewards and more

‘Tis the season to be jolly because Clashmas has arrived in Clash Royale bringing a new season full of festive rewards and balance changes galore.
Clash Royale Clashmas update: Balance changes, Pass Royale rewards and more

The Festive Season has arrived in Clash Royale in the latest content update, the aptly named "Clashmas". The annual holiday of Clashmas brings forth good tidings to all Clash Royale players with new rewards to be unlocked and new quality of life changes.

The Clashmas rewards are currently live in Clash Royale, the balance changes will take into effect after a maintenance break scheduled soon. Check out all the balance changes coming with the Clash Royale Clashmas update including new pass Royale and free rewards as well as new balance changes for several cards all detailed below.

New Pass Royale rewards

The Clashmas update will see new rewards added to the Pass Royale, the game’s battle pass tier system. As this is the season of gift-giving, Pass Royale holders will also gain unlimited access to Special Challenges, a Golden Name and now players can place chests in a queue ready to be opened.

These are the following rewards players will receive in the Clashmas Pass Royale:

  • An Archer Queen Tower skin and emote
  • Book of Books x1
  • Magic Coin x1
  • Chest Keys x2
  • A Legendary Wild card
  • Epic, Rare and Common Wild cards
  • 40,000 Gold
  • Trade Tokens x4
  • Bonus Bank Gold

Free Clashmas rewards

Additionally, free-to-play players won’t be left out in the cold this holiday as there are plenty of rewards to earn that will leave you feeling jolly. These rewards are only applicable to players ranked Arena 7 and higher and Pass Royale holders can also cash in on these free rewards.

clash royale
There are new free rewards for players to earn in the Clashmas update. (Picture: Supercell Games)
  • A Legendary Book of Books
  • A Royal Wild chest
  • Epic Wild cards x10
  • Rare Wild cards x20
  • Common Wild cards x50
  • Chests Keys x2
  • Crown Chests x33
  • A Legendary Wild card

Clashmas Balance Changes

Supercell Games have outlined several balance changes to as well as balance changes to a total of 13 cards in the Clashmas update. These changes will go live following a scheduled maintenance break on 7th December 2021.

clash royale
Supercell has outlined a number of balance changes for various cards in Clash Royale. (Picture: Supercell Games)

Furnace (nerf)

  • Lifetime: 49 seconds to 33 seconds
  • Spawn Rate: 7 seconds to 6 seconds with an additional Fire Spirit to spawn
  • Hitpoints: Decrease by 17%

Goblin Hut (nerf)

  • Lifetime: 40 seconds to 31 seconds
  • Spawn Rate: 4.5 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Hitpoints: Decrease by 17%

Barbarian Hut (nerf)

  • Lifetime: 50 seconds to 40 seconds
  • Spawn Rate: 12.5 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Hitpoints: Decrease by 15%

Tombstone (nerf)

  • Lifetime: 40 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Spawn Rate: 3.1 seconds to 3.3 seconds which now spawns two skeletons at a time
  • Hitpoints: Remains unchanged

Fire Spirit (rework)

  • Jump range: 2,500 to 2,000

Executioner (buff)

  • Hitpoints: Increase by 5%

Rascals (buff)

  • Hit speed: Increase by 9%
clash royale
Some of the cards that are getting buffed or nerfed in the Clash Royale Clashmas update. (Picture: Supercell Games)

Goblin Cage (nerf)

  • Hitpoints: Decrease by 23%

Mother Witch (nerf)

  • Hitpoints: Decrease by 18%

Tesla (nerf)

  • Hit speed: Decrease by 9%

Battle Ram (buff)

  • Connection Damage: Increase by 8%

Ice Wizard (rework)

  • Deployment effect: The Cold Effect will now inflict more damage however, its effect will slightly be cooled down

Dart Goblin (buff)

  • Damage: Increase by 9%
clash royale
The Ice Wizard is getting a rework in the Clashmas update for Clash Royale. (Picture: Supercell Games)

With all these significant balance changes to Clash Royale, it will be interesting to see how the nerfed and buffed cards will affect the meta in the coming weeks. For cards like the Executioner, Rascals and the Battle Ram that aren’t utilised much in the meta, this will open up possibilities for higher winning conditions for these cards.

That is everything from Supercell Games on the latest content update for Clash Royale. Engage in festive battle, unlock your Pass Royale rewards and collect your free rewards this Clashmas.


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Featured image courtesy of Supercell Games.