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Clash Royale - How to efficiently level up your Pass Royale

We show you how to quickly and efficiently level up your Pass Royale for Season 11 of Clash Royale
Clash Royale - How to efficiently level up your Pass Royale
The Clash Royale Season 11 update is live, and with it, comes a new Pass Royale to enjoy. There are some great rewards to claim during the season, which will last one month. 

Clash Royale Season 11 is called "Here be Dragons", and as you might have guessed, is all about the dragons in the game.

Let's kick things off with why it is important to level up your Pass Royale, followed by five tips on how to do it efficiently.


Why level up the Pass Royale?


The Pass Royale for Season 11 of Clash Royale not only gives you a tonne of gold, trade tokens, and cards, but it also features an awesome tower skin, and emotes. 

However, if you are just in it for some extra gold, and cards, you can always level up the free pass. In short, no matter if you just play the game casually, or open your wallet for the Pass Royale, levelling it up should be a priority.

Even though the 35 tiers in the Pass Royale open up slowly, you can build up your crowns, and as the tiers open up, you will instantly get the rewards for the crown milestones you have passed.

For those who don't open their wallet, there's also a special, free emote for all players on Tier 1 of Pass Royale to celebrate Supercell’s 10-year anniversary.


How to efficiently level up your Pass Royale


Not everyone has a lot of time on their hands to play Clash Royale and grind out the Pass Royale rewards. 

If you follow the tips below, you will be able to quickly, and efficiently level up your Pass Royale, reaping those rewards. 

Use Dragons:

With Clash Royale Season 11, it is all about dragon cards. Follow the quests in your log, and use a dragon in the deck you are comfortable with while playing on the 1v1 ladder.

This will net five to ten extra crowns. For example, simply playing the Electro Dragon ten times (which has been boosted) in 1v1, challenges or clan matches will grant you an additional five crowns.

Pick your collection matches:

If you are in a clan, you should pick your collection day matches wisely for more efficient quest completion, and crown collection. If you don't have a clan, join one, as there are thousands who accept just about any player.

By picking your collection matches wisely, we mean you should look at which quests you have for some extra Pass Royale crowns, then pick a match type which suits your needs. For example, if you need to play a card ten times, pick Tripple Elixir, which allows you to play more cards per match.

Challenges are key:

Playing in challenges is probably the easiest way to get risk-free crowns for your Pass Royale. There's a Supercell's 10th Anniversary Rager going on right now, which wills the whole arena with rage, and ups the Elixir generation rate.

This, in turn, allows for faster matches, which makes playing in the challenge more efficient for crown collection than playing standard 1v1 ladder matches. You also get unlimited retries if you have a Pass Royale active.

Play the waiting game:

This guide is all about efficiently levelling up your Pass Royale. If you really don't have a lot of time to play, then you can wait for Crown Rush events. Supercell generally opens up two Crown Rush events for 1v1 matches during the course of a season.

One event should start in the first week, while the second one starts a few days before the season ends. For every crown you earn (up to 30 or 50), you gain an extra crown in this event, which means fast Pass Royale levelling. This tip doesn't give you instant gratification, but it makes levelling up the least time-consuming.

Grab a friend:

To level up your Pass Royale very quickly, you need fast matches and three-crown wins. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to grab a friend and join 2v2 battles.

This should only be done for efficiency if you, and your friend, have some great, fast-push tactics to use. Don't just go into Quick Match and play 2v2 with randoms, as this will likely not result in quick crowns.