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COD: MW & Warzone April 30th Patch Notes - New Contract, LMG, Cosmetics, Gunsmith Customs & Shoot the ship

This weeks update for Modern Warfare and Warzone is set to introduce a host of new cosmetics, a new LMG, and a brand new contract for the battle royale mode.
COD: MW & Warzone April 30th Patch Notes - New Contract, LMG, Cosmetics, Gunsmith Customs & Shoot the ship

Since the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the free-to-play Warzone, the developers have been hard at work to bring frequent updates and new content to the shooter.

This weeks update is set to bring with it Gunsmith customs, two new cosmetic bundles, the MK9 Bruen LMG, the return of a map playlist and a brand new contract for Warzone.

Here are the key changes coming to this week's Call of Duty update which is expected to be released on Thursday, 30th April.


MK9 Bruen LMG

MK9 Bruen LMG Call of Duty Warzone patch new contract most wanted
(Credit: Activision)

The highly accurate LMG can be acquired by purchasing the 'Encryption' bundle or by completing changes found in the weapons menu. 

It is not yet clear if the MK9 Bruen LMG will be making its way into Warzone.


New Warzone Contract - 'Most Wanted'

Currently, there are three contracts in the game - Recon, Bounty, and Scavenger with each of them earning the player awards for completing the objectives.

Well for this first time since release Warzone will be getting a brand new contract - Most Wanted.

Upon starting the contract every other team in Verdansk will know your location - survive for long enough and you will be able to redeploy all your fallen comrades - all without having to spend one dollar of your hard-earned cash.


Gunsmith Customs

Gunsmith Customs
(Credit: Activision) 

It's been teased for a while but finally, players are going to get to create their own weapons with the introduction of Gunsmith Customs. This update will allow you to mix and match your favourite attachments from blueprints of the same weapon giving your guns a unique style and functionality.


New Cosmetic Bundles


Pyromaniac bundle Call of Duty Warzone Modern Warfare
(Credit: Activision) 

Coming in the next update is the Pyromaniac bundle which promises to bring the fire. The bundle will include:

  • Legendary 'Firestarter' skin for Krueger
  • Caldera Legendary blueprint
  • A new Finishing Move
  • Flaming Throwing Knives

The bundle will be available in the store and can be used in both Modern Warfare and Warzone.


Fire Claw III

FIreclaw III cosmetic pack
(Credit: Activision) 

The Fire Claw III is a cosmetic pack for the Legendary 'By The Toe' SMG. 

The bundle includes:

  • A orange-red hued striped skin for the Legendary SMG.
  • Crown themed spray
  • Tiger themed charm.


Shoot the Ship

Shoot the ship modern warfare playlist
(Credit: Activision)


The popular shoot the ship map playlist is back, featuring the Shoot House and Shipment maps this is all about fast-frantic gameplay with small maps and intense combat.