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Call of Duty: Warzone Plunder Guide: Bank & Helipad Deposit locations, Contracts, win conditions & tips

A guide to Call of Duty: Warzone's Plunder game mode. Find out how to get your squad to $1M, the location of all the banks and helipad cash deposits, Buy Store guide and how contracts work in this new take on the Battle Royale game mode.
Call of Duty: Warzone Plunder Guide: Bank & Helipad Deposit locations, Contracts, win conditions & tips

The Plunder game mode is a fresh take on the Battle Royale genre. There is no collapsing circle and you and your squad will respawn - a marked change to every other Battle Royale on the market.

150 players, in squads of three, drop into the island of Verdansk with the goal of collecting enough cash to activate the bonus round. 

Teams will need to Plunder bank vaults and Supply Boxes, loot downed enemies and complete Contracts to secure the win.

There is a lot of moving parts in this new game mode so check out our Plunder game guide to give you the best chance of you and your squad coming out on top.



How do you win Call of Duty: Warzone Plunder matches?

Warzone Plunder game mode guide tips how to win bank heist location helipad location


Matches can take up to 32 minutes to complete, the goal is to collect $1M before anyone else does. 

You will need to collect cash and bank it by depositing it in Cash Deposit Helipads and the portable Cash Deposit Ballons. Deposited cash can not be plundered!

When a team reaches $1M or 30 minutes passes a bonus round is triggered - a two-minute cash grab. Everyone's cash is auto deposited before entering the bonus round so you can get stuck into the fight without fear of losing your money. The team with the most money at the end of of this round wins the game.

Take note you can lose the money you have gained in the bonus round if you die.


How does respawning working in Plunder?

It's important to note that in Plunder you have unlimited lives. If you die, there’s a 15-second timer after that you will be sent back to redeploy onto the map to get back into the action. 

Players create their own class loadout to use in Plunder mode in Call of Duty: Warzone. Any time you die you will spawn back in with your created loadout.

So if you choose you can fly back into the zone where you just killed so enact revenge or you can find a safe point to begin looting again.


Where can you find cash in Plunder?

Call of Duty: Warzone Plunder game mode guide
(Credit: Activision)


There are several ways to collect the required cash to secure the win.

You can loot Supply Boxes - which can contain, not just money, but weapons and items like armour and grenades. There are more Supply Boxes in Plunder than the regular Battle Royale Mode.

Hunting down and killing the enemy is also a good way to increase your coffers. Fallen opponents drop huge stacks of cash and eliminating a whole squad will go a long way to reaching $1M.

There are also periodical cash drops, similar to parachuted in crates in PUBG except these packages contain cash. Listen out for planes and watch for where they are dropping these onto the battlefield. Smoke will billow from these drops alerting friend and foe.

Your squad can also go on a robbing spree with the banks of Verdansk all containing vaults that are brimming with cash. Be aware though entering these vaults will trigger an alarm alerting nearby squads to your location.


How do you lose money in Plunder?

Warzone Plunder Guide location of Cash Deposit Helipads


You can lose your money in one of two ways in the Plunder game mode.

You can either strategically spend it at a Buy Station - where you can way up the usefulness of items like a Self-Revive Kit or a Precision Strike - or you can lose it from being killed and looted by an opposing squad.

To save your money you will have to place it in a Cash Deposit Ballon, available from a Buy Station or in a Cash Deposit Helipad which spawns in select random locations.

Plunder Helipad Game guide locations
A helipad located in the Nora Dam section of the map (Credit: Activision)


What can you buy from the Buy Stations?

Call of Duty Warzone plunder game guide Buy Store Perks Killstreaks


You can buy two types of items from Buy Stations - essentials and killstreaks.

The Plunder Buy Station is more expensive than the regular Warzone game mode and depending on the time in the match there are periodical sales.

There are no limits to the number of times you can buy an item and Buy Stations do not run out of stock.

Pro Tip: Once a Buy Station is opened it stays opened, meaning you know if an opponent has been through and looted up. It also makes a noise when you and open it and this can alert enemies.



These items will keep you alive and give you added functionality on the battlefield.

Cash Deposit Ballon: Mobile cash deposit for your team. Allows you to save cash so that if you get eliminated you don’t lose all your cash.

Starting price: $30,000

Self-Revive Kit: Allows you to revive yourself when you are downed. You can only carry one 

Starting Price: $20,000

Armour Plate Bundle: 

Starting: $10,000



As you kill more enemies you will unlock higher level killstreaks. They cost a lot though, so be careful where you drop a precision airstrike

Shield Turret: A manual shielded turret that can be deployed on most surfaces. Use this to increase the firepower of your squad.

Starting Price: $7,500

UAV: For a set time the UAV will reveal enemy locations displayed on your minimap. Use this info to set up ambushes or avoid them altogether.

Starting Price: $15,000

Precision Airstrike: Drop a powerful precision airstrike on an enemy position, get this right and you can wipe a squad clean off the map.

Starting Price: $50,000 

Cluster Strike: Drop a cluster bomb on an enemy position - great for softening up an enemy position before you push in for the kill.

Starting Price: $50,000

You can only carry one streak so it’s best to have everyone in your team carrying something different.


How do contracts work in Plunder?

Squads can have one active contract at any time. 

There are three types of contract - Scavenger contracts, Recon Contracts, and Hunting Contracts.

Scavenger contracts will task players to find and open 3-4 Supply Boxes - the last crate has a guaranteed legendry item in it.

Recon Contracts will ask players to lock down a specific area of the map and clear it of any hostile forces. Think the Domination game mode in regular Call of Duty. Once you have locked down the area you will be reward with any combination of cash, shields and weapons. Be warned though, Recon Contracts will be placed an equal distance between two opposing squads so expect it to be contested.

Hunting Contracts puts a bounty on the head of a high performing enemy squad. The first team that reaches $200,000 will have a bounty on their head - marked with a circle with a Crown in the middle. An additional two squads who have the most non-deposited cash will be marked with a circle with a money bag in the middle. The smaller the circle the more money this squad has to hand.


Where are all the Banks in Plunder?

One of the best ways to get your hands on some cold hard cash is by breaking into a bank vault. Banks can be found in the built-up areas and look like this.

Call of Duty PLunder bank locations

Be careful though as the Banks are alarmed and you will alert any enemies, giving up your location.

You can find a detailed location map of all the banks on the official Warzone website.


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