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Warzone glitch allows players to load up private matches in Season 6

A new glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone allows players to enter and start Private Matches, signaling the feature's release could be near.
Warzone glitch allows players to load up private matches in Season 6

While the Call of Duty player base has knocked Infinity Ward for Warzone's plethora of bugs, there's one glitch that might get a pass. Sometime yesterday, it was discovered that a glitch exists in Season 6 where players can enter a Private Match.

This is a feature that's been requested by fans for months, however, Activision has remained tight-lipped on whether or not Private Matches would make an appearance in Warzone. 

Well, though this isn't a confirmation, it certainly seems the feature's arrival is more of a possibility than ever. There's currently no word on when this bug will be patched of what it's significance means but that isn't stopping players from taking advantage of the glitch. 

Private Matches in Warzone Season 6

One of the original founders of this glitch, DetectiveWaffle on Twitter, showcased various elements on the Privates Matches late yesterday evening. Waffle and their friends were able to hop into a Mini Royale match with a total of 24 players.


However, they were also able to mess around with a plethora of rules. This includes the health of each player, the circle size and timer, number of lives, etc. It's very similar to how the Private Match rules work in standard Modern Warfare multiplayer. 

Warzone Private Match
(Picture: DetectiveWaffle)

Within the Private Match, it's reported that you can't receive XP of any kind. This includes level, Weapon, and Battle Pass XP. Along with this, there are no Bots available to add to the match but you are able to complete Easter Egg steps. 

As of right now, neither Waffle nor their friends have had any action taken against them from the Warzone developers. While this could mean nothing, it could also mean that the devs want to keep this glitch as quiet as possible. 

What for? Well, since Private Matches have been so highly-requested, it's possible that Infinity Ward is planning a big launch for the feature later on in Season 6. The glitch that was found is presumably close to what we'll see if Private Matches actually do end up coming to Warzone.