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Warzone Season 6: Crashes, known bugs and glitches

With the release of Warzone Season 6, players have been experiencing crashes as well as bugs and glitches.
Warzone Season 6: Crashes, known bugs and glitches
Infinity Ward and Activision released the massive Warzone Season 6 update, bringing a brand-new Battle Pass filled with goodies, and even an entire subway system to Verdansk. However, players have also been experiencing crashes, bugs and glitches since the Warzone Season 6 update released.

Warzone Season 6 crashes

First up, one of the biggest issues with Warzone Season 6 is the crashes players have been experiencing on multiple platforms.

Activision has acknowledged the Warzone and Modern Warfare Season 6 crashing issue, explaining on Twitter: "We're actively investigating an issue where some players are experiencing crashes after the update in Modern Warfare and Warzone. Stay tuned for updates."

Warzone Season 6 crashes glitches bugs

(Picture: Infinity Ward)


Developer Infinity Ward also noted how they are working on a fix, which should release on 1st October.


No exact release time for the fix has been provided.

Warzone Season 6 bugs & glitches

First up, there's an issue with self-revives not working properly while you are in one of the subway stations.

When using self-revive on the train, Redditor  "Joabyjojo" respawned without any loadout. To make things worse, the player couldn't even use a melee attack, or any items at all, before being swiftly killed by enemies.

Then, there's also a bug which causes players to reappear at random locations after using the train.

This Warzone Season 6 bug is showcased by Luxecution in the clip below.


There was one other, completely ridiculous glitch players could use to avoid gas damage. However, this bug has been squashed by Infinity Ward on 30th September with a playlist update to Warzone Season 6.

The playlist update included the following fixes:

  • Players now die to gas while riding the Subway
  • Adjusted spawns in the S6 Mosh Pit to fix out of bound spawning
  • Increasing drop rate of the minigun
  • Decreasing drop rate of the Foresight killstreak

Hopefully, Infinity Ward will be able to squash the bug and glitches, as well as the nasty crashing issue in Warzone Season 6 soon.