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Modern Warfare & Warzone patch removes helicopters and Plunder Trios, adds Demolition, Shipment 24/7 and more

Infinity Ward has just released another hefty update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone. Some things are added, some removed and some replaced. Let's see what has been changed.
Modern Warfare & Warzone patch removes helicopters and Plunder Trios, adds Demolition, Shipment 24/7 and more

This Tuesday we got another major Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone update, with the goal to shake things a little bit and to add some new and exciting stuff, while removing some things that were less popular or were having some issues.

Probably the biggest thing people immediately noticed and started talking about was the removal of Helicopters. They were simply completely removed from the Warzone. The main reason for the removal is the new bug that allows players to create a glitch and basically enter into some kind of stasis from where they can shoot other players but can't take damage themselves, and therefore almost guarantee a victory. Maybe is just a temporary removal until they fix this problem, or maybe they want to balance out Helicopters before they plan to bring them back to the game. 

Some time ago,  Cargo Trucks were removed from Solos because they were too strong and therefore heavly abused, so this is not the first time we're seeing a vehicle being removed. Will helicopters return or is this is a permanent change? We can only guess, but we think that they will make a comeback, with a more balanced version and without game-winning bugs.


Modern Warfare got a Demolition playlist. CoD veterans know very well what they can expect to see there: good old attacks on bomb sites and their defending.

Shipment 24/7 is back, one of the fun-favourite playlists. Tiny Shipment map is based on an iconic fy_iceworld Counter-Strike map. It's small and made for quick and constant action, and that's why players love it.

The Plunder Trios is removed from Warzone, while the Blood Money Trios is added - more kills, more cash, which guarantees intense action.


Gun Game is now Gun Game Reloaded, where regular guns are replaced with special blueprints.

Additionally, GW Reinfected, Cranked 3v3 Gunfight, and Ground War were removed, while Boots on the Ground War is added. 

Infinity Ward is doing regular weekly updates and changes, almost every Tuesday, so we can expect to see next set of changes in a week.