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Warzone bug is dropping Gulag survivors into the poison gas

A bug in Call of Duty: Warzone is causing players to spawn in the gas and lose their health

Compared to other battle royale games, Warzone has an interesting way for players who die early to get back into the game. Once they die, there’s a cutscene showing them being dragged to their cell in the Gulag Gunfight Map. They then have to wait their turn to fight in a 1v1 battle for a chance at redemption. The map has random load-outs and whoever wins the match gets respawned in the skies above the map.

While awaiting their turn in the Gulag, players can spectate other player’s battles and influence them by throwing rocks. If more than one teammate is in the Gulag, the spectator helps the one who’s fighting by marking the opposition. The Gulag is only available in the early stages of the game and available to each player once a round.

If a player loses, they can also be respawned later provided they have a living teammate with $4,500 to spend at a Buy Station.

Unfortunately, there’s a new bug in the game.

Some players who win their 1v1 battle are being respawned in the poisonous gas and have barely enough time to make it to the safe zone. Reddit user r/on-my-mobile posted a video of this problem and said,” I won my fight in the gulag, and then spawned in the gas, killing me pretty much instantly. Is there a patch in the works for this?”



The video clearly shows him winning the fight. Before the screen transitioned back to the map, his character was already coughing, and before he could gain control he realized he was in the red. He did his best to fly to the safe zone, but with his health already low, there was nothing he could do to prevent dying.

So far Warzone launch has been a resounding success and more than 15 million players have downloaded the free to play game in just four days.

Infinity Ward has been busy working on updates to fix all the bugs and issues that are normal with such a new game. So far this bug isn’t on the list of fixes, but it will probably be resolved now that they are aware of it.

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