Call of Duty: World War II
Call of Duty: World War II

Top 10 most memorable moments in Call of Duty esports history

Top 10 most memorable moments in Call of Duty esports history
Call of Duty esports has a history many aren't at all aware of; starting with online tournaments in Call of Duty 2, to the thriving CoD 4 promod scene, the inaugural CoD World Championship in 2013 and now, the CoD World League and a £4.2 million prize pool across the year. Naturally, over the years, there have been some pretty memorable moments. Here is a list of my top ten.

10. Killa's choo choo train Maybe not the best display of professionalism and sportsmanship, but a time that Call of Duty fans remember fondly as a juvenile, more carefree period of existence. Here's Adam "Killa" Sloss telling his opponents exactly what he thinks of them.

9. Epsilon put World Champions Fariko Impact in the 100-point club. Or 70-point club, to be more precise. World Champions Fariko Impact were expected to waltz through this map against European team Epsilon. Unfortunately for them, they couldn't find form - at all.

8. Aches pushes Nadeshot Here's a throwback. I believe the saying is "young and dumb". Here, OpTic beat compLexity in the UMG Chicago 2012 Grand Final, and got in their faces to brag. Aches didn't take kindly to that and pushed 100 Thieves' beloved founder Nadeshot. And thus, a rivalry was born. You can find the raw footage here, but I thought you would like to see Nadeshot's reaction to it four years later.

7. Who's the best in the game? That push might not have made you cringe enough, so I'm chucking this in here too. Complete with pubescent voice cracks and teenage giggling, OpTic's Scump impresses even himself when breaking the hill on Yemen Hardpoint.

6. The OpTic Van For a fleeting moment, OpTic were allowed an extra member on their team. He played under the guise of a van, sacrificing himself to prevent Unite from levelling the playing field and thus, a legend was born.

5. Fans steal the show at CWL Birmingham I'm not sure any video can do it justice, but when casters and players alike are saying this crowd could be one of the best of all time, you have to pay attention. Here, UK fans cheer on Splyce, one of the UK and Europe's top teams, in a grand final matchup against Luminosity Gaming. Though Splyce didn't win the event, the crowd certainly made them feel like winners.

4. EnVy make an impossible comeback at the World Championships Few things in life are guaranteed. One thing that is guaranteed, though, is JKap getting to the Champs Grand Final. In 2017, though, he really had to fight for it. Though his EnVy team didn't end up winning, this comeback in the second half of an Uplink match against eUnited – as well as the accompanying listen-in a perfect example of esport team communication – wowed fans and made it a matchup I personally won't forget for a very long time.

3. OpTic win the Call of Duty World Championship 2017 For a large majority of CoD esports fans, this will go down as their greatest moment as an esports fan. The Greenwall is one of the longest-standing entities in the esport, besides only OpTic themselves. As such, they have developed a large, dedicated fanbase, following them not only in Call of Duty but to any esport they enter. Here, OpTic Gaming finally earn themselves their first (and only) World Championship as a team, despite being favourites going in to the two previous World Champs events too. The win was only heightened by the statements made by caster-turned-streamer, OpTic CouRage, making sure viewers understood the scale of this event.

2. Cloud9 knock OpTic out of the 2016 World Championships What a way to bring the mood down. For the second year in a row, Aches knocked OpTic out of World Championship contention in 7th place. The Call of Duty fanbase has rarely been so divided; the OpTic fans were crushed beyond comprehension, the clips of their final moments still hard to watch. To others, it was a point of glory: OpTic, who had won everything else throughout their time teaming, still could not conquer the big one. The likely winners were out, and to none other than Aches, who had been a sturdy rival of OpTic Gaming ever since he pushed had pushed Nadeshot four years prior.

1. Splyce win Pro League Stage 1 of Infinite Warfare Yeah, maybe I'm a little biased, but this result absolutely changed the game for European Call of Duty. Finally, after so long, an EU team won an international event in America. In doing so, Splyce proved that there is more to Call of Duty than North America and also proved themselves as world beaters. It really was a moment that everyone, European or not, could appreciate for how huge it was. These were my most memorable Call of Duty esports moments. Maybe I should have included Clayster's crossbow, or Faccento's sniper ace. Agree or disagree, let me know what you think. Make sure to tune in the CWL Pro League Stage 2 tonight and in the coming weeks.