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Aether Crystal camo fix for COD Mobile on the way, devs confrim

The popular weapon camos have had their fair share of issues since their introduction with Season 6's Undead event and reports state that it has returned in Season 9.
Aether Crystal camo fix for COD Mobile on the way, devs confrim

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 is now out and fans of the mobile shooter are excited with a number of new and returning features with a spooky leaning coming to the Halloween-inspired season.

One of the most exciting things returning for players is both the Undead Siege event and the popular Aether Crystal camos.

There is an issue though, getting Aether camos isn't easy, you have to collect Aether Crystals plus kill a set number of zombies and win a set number of games in Undead Siege - Hard mode, a time-consuming task by any measure.

And if that wasn't hard enough many players back in Season 6 and 7 also experienced a bug that meant that their kills weren't recorded, when they would go to the "Camo Rewards" menu it simply stated their Aether Crystal camo was "coming soon".

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 aether crystals
Players have found once again that the Aether Crystal camos are bugged in Season 9. (Picture: Activision)

And even though that was fixed once before, strangely that very same bug has reportedly made its way to COD Mobile Season 9 with the game's official Reddit being the site of a number of posts about this very issue.

Thankfully, the developers have been very quick to acknowledge it and have confirmed that fixing the bug is a top priority.

"We know and we are working on it!", said a dev in reply to a player raising the issue. "Sorry it is still broken, but hopefully it is just a quick fix since it was supposed to return with all of that sorted out."

They later confirmed it had been "escalated up", so players can hope that a hotfix is on the way relatively soon.

When that fix will come is anyone's guess but to be on the safe side we would suggest not grinding away for the Aether Camos in the hope that the fix will backdate your progress.

Instead, we suggest you enjoy some of the other new additions to the game like the Drop Zone featured event.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.