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Best Guns To Use In COD Mobile Season 8 - Top 10 Meta Weapons

With Season 8 of Call of Duty Mobile underway, now is the best time to understand what are the top meta weapons for this season.
Best Guns To Use In COD Mobile Season 8 - Top 10 Meta Weapons

There has been some time that has passed since Season 8 of Call of Duty Mobile has released and the meta is starting to solidify itself. Players are starting to understand which guns are the best in the game and what are the meta picks to look out for.

From submachine guns to sniper rifles, there are plenty of weapons to choose from in COD Mobile. But which ones are the meta picks to look out for? Here, we will give you some insight on what guns you should pick up in Call of Duty Mobile.

The Top 10 Meta Guns In COD Mobile Season 8 Right Now

Call of Duty Mobile Meta
Knowing what is in the Meta right now will help you win more games in Call of Duty Mobile. (Picture: Activision)

There are a lot of guns that are good right now in Call of Duty Mobile. The meta is alive and active and there is no doubt that there are guns that are not on this list, such as the MAC10 or the DLQ that could have easily made this list.

However, this list was compiled to being what are some of the top performing guns in the Season 8 meta of Call of Duty Mobile. On top of that, these guns are what feels the best during gameplay as well.

Here are the guns that you should consider using in Call of Duty Mobile right now:

  1. Switchblade X9 (SMG)
  2. ZRG 20mm (Sniper Rifle)
  3. Peacekeeper MK2 (AR)
  4. SKS (Rifle)
  5. QQ9 (SMG)
  6. Kilo 141 (AR)
  7. Swordfish (AR)
  8. KSP 45 (SMG)
  9. UL 736 (LMG)
  10. M13 (AR)

These guns have proven time and again in Season 8 to be standout guns that you should try in COD Mobile. The ZRG is a particularly good sniper rifle because a hit nearly anywhere on the body is almost always a one-shot kill.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8
Season 8 of Call of Duty Mobile is underway and the meta has taken form on what is the best guns in the game. (Picture: Activision)

We expect that the ZRG will be nerfed soon, so make sure to use it when it is at its best. The Kilo 141 has been one of the best guns in COD Mobile for a long time. Some would probably argue that it is the best overall gun in the game, despite it needing 3 headshots to take out an opponent.

Without a doubt, the Switchblade is the best gun in COD Mobile. The gun received significant buffs this season and has just about everything going for it in terms of fire-rate, damage, and more. If you want to stay ahead of your opponents, pick up the Switchblade X9.

We would like to thank iFerg for giving us his insight on what he believes are the top 10 guns in COD Mobile. Make sure to check out his channel for more COD Mobile content and check out his video on this topic below.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.