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Best loadout for Oden Assault Rifle in COD Mobile Season 5

The Oden was recently introduced to change up the assault rifle meta. Here's the best class setup for the Oden in COD Mobile Season 5.
Best loadout for Oden Assault Rifle in COD Mobile Season 5

The premiere weapon in Season 5 of Call of Duty: Mobile is set to be the Oden assault rifle. Similarly to new guns introduced in previous seasons, the Oden can be unlocked by playing through the Battle Pass or completing challenges in a later season.

The new weapons appearing in COD Mobile tend to rotate between the last few Call of Duty titles, and this time around, the focus seems to be Modern Warfare from 2019. Compared to other weapons from the Modern Warfare era, the Oden assault rifle is based on damage and fire rates that can cause a ton of recoil.

However, wielding the right attachments can make the weapon a true powerhouse in the Tropic Vision season. So, with that said, here's the best loadout for the Oden assault rifle in COD Mobile Season 5.

Best Oden Assault Rifle Loadout COD Mobile Season 5 

best loadout class setup for Oden COD Mobile Season 5
Build the Oden for fast TTK and high accuracy. (Picture: YouTube / UnknwnAayush)

You'll want to pay attention to a couple of stats for the Oden in Season 5 of COD Mobile. In particular, the Oden boasts a fire rate of 68 and damage of 48, leaving a ton of potential to melt enemies.

The Oden's effective damage range is also high, but control and mobility will be the most significant hurdles to jump over. Fixing the ADS and the control will bring the weapon up to par.

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: OWC Marksman
  • Stock: RTC Steady Stock
  • Laser: OWC Laser - Tactical
  • Ammunition: Large Extended Mag B

The first attachment in the loadout is the muzzle, and on the Oden, the Monolithic Suppressor is one of the best options. Suppressed bullets can make the weapon even more effective, considering the gun's solid range. However, if you don't want this muzzle, this is one attachment that you could swap for a Strike Foregrip.

Next is the OWC Marksman barrel, which will help with the control problems the weapon may have. These barrels always increase the overall range and give the gun a tighter bullet spread. Accuracy and range will go a long way with the Oden, but it needs some ADS speed to compensate.

Before getting to any more control boosts, this loadout will utilize the OWC Laser - Tactical, a common attachment on nearly any assault rifle in the game. This attachment increases ADS speed and accuracy by a significant amount.

COD Mobile Oden loadout season 5
Earn the Oden in the Season 5 Battle Pass for free. (Picture: Activision)

For the stock attachment, the RTC Steady Stock is another great way to give the Oden more accuracy, which goes a long way with a high fire rate. Beyond this, the attachment will also improve control, making the Oden a laser in multiplayer.

The last attachment is the Large Extended Mag B. An extended mag is nearly a must-have on the Oden, especially with the low capacity. It will lower mobility, but the previous attachments will make up for much more than the negatives.

And that's the best Oden loadout to use in COD Mobile Season 5.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / LegoMoreUnlocked.