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COD Mobile AR tier list - Every Assault Rifle ranked for Season 5

Here's our tiered list for every Assault Rifle ranked from best to worst in COD Mobile Season 5 Tropical Vision.
COD Mobile AR tier list - Every Assault Rifle ranked for Season 5

With the release of Call of Duty Mobile Season 5: Tropical Vision, fans are excited to get their hands on the brand new content the game offers, more specifically, the new and upgraded weapons for players to experiment with. And when it comes to the all-around best weapons in the game, the Assault Rifles are high on the priority list for veteran and casual players.

If you're curious as to how the new changes and additions have impacted the balance of the game and which weapons are going to be the best of the lot, we have you covered. Here's our tiered list, ranking all of the Assault rifles that will be available in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 Tropical Vision from best to worst.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 AR tier list

COD Mobile Season 5 AR tier list
Assault Rifles will serve you well as all-around performance weapons in Season 5 of Call of Duty mobile. (Picture: Activision)

Considered to be the best all-around weapons that can be deadly in almost any situation, the Assault rifles are all-purpose automatic rifles that offer a superb balance of range and power. They also offer great versatility with attachments and upgrades, making them the perfect jack of all trades weapon you can use in the game.

Tier rank description:

  • S-Tier: The most powerful Assault Rifle, even without upgrades, and can be deadly in virtually any situation. With upgrades, these weapons can handle any situation you throw at them.

  • A-Tier: These require some modification to stand up to S-tier Assault Rifles, but can still be considered formidable weapons for any player to use.

  • B-Tier: Laying in the middle of the tier, these can be deadly weapons with the right attachments, and require some forethought in terms of loadout to be effective.

  • C-Tier: These weapons can be considered as last resort options and even then, only with the most powerful and carefully considered attachments to account for the gun's weaknesses.

  • D-Tier: These shouldn't be considered for competitive players as they offer no real advantages, and should only be used in desperate times or until you can find a better weapon.

Note: Our list is not an exact science, but we aim to provide the most accurate reflection of what you can expect when playing the game with these Assault Rifles.

S-Tier ARs - COD Mobile Season 5 Tropical Vision

Type 25 still holds the top spot as the king of the hill in the Assault Rifle class. Especially now that it, along with eh DR-H and LK24 will be receiving buffs in the form of ADS (Aim Down Sights) spread reductions. However, we're curious to see how the heavy buffs given to the LK24 affect the meta as it's been given an increased range, damage and increased multiplier to head damage.

COD Mobile AR tier list Every Assault Rifle ranked for Season 5 Type 25
The Type 25 is still at the top of its game in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5. (Picture: Activision)
  • Type 25 

  • M13 

  • AS-VAL

  • DR-H 

  • LK24 

A-Tier ARs - COD Mobile Season 5 Tropical Vision

There have been buffs across the board in this tier for season 5, specifically the Man-O-War, a fan favourite, receiving and reduction in ADS spread and the KN44 gaining a 3 headshot kill over a distance of 26 metres. We will have to see how this affects the tier rating as we move forward, but we expect the Man-O-War to move up, being a powerful, and tactical weapon that's favoured in the meta.

COD Mobile Season 5 Man o War
The Man-O-War is a good contender for the best A-tier Assault Rifle in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5. (Picture: Twitter / Real_Cold_Spice)
  • Swordfish 

  • KN44 

  • AK-117 

  • Man-O-War 

B-Tier ARs - COD Mobile Season 5 Tropical Vision

Both the AK-47 and HVK-30 have received reduced ADS bullet Spread but we think they will still pale in comparison to the Peacekeeper and Kilo 141 even though they haven't received any considerable buffs this season.

COD Mobile AR tier list Every assault rifle ranked for Season 5 Kilo 141
The Kilo 141 retains its position at the top of the middle ground contenders for the best Assault Rifles in Season 5. (Picture: Twitter / LilFabooYT)
  • Kilo 141 

  • Peacekeeper MK2 

  • CR-56 AMAX 

  • ASM-10 

  • AK-47 

  • HVK-30 

  • BK57

C-Tier ARs - COD Mobile Season 5 Tropical Vision

All three weapons in this class have received buffs reducing their ADS bullet spread, however, with the HBRa3 receiving an additionally added range buff, it remains in its top spot in the C-tier for this season.

COD Mobile AR tier list Every assault rifle ranked for Season 5 HBRa3
The HBRa3 maintains the top of the C-tier this season, though there are better Assault Rifle options for most players. (Picture: Twitter / VishuCODMobile)
  • HBRa3

  • ICR-1 

  • FR.556 

D-Tier ARs - COD Mobile Season 5 Tropical Vision

With both the M16 and M4 receiving buffs of a decrease to their ADS bullet spread this season. Depending on how they're received by fans, there might be a chance for one of them, specifically the M16, to move up one rank.

We will keep track of the meta for these weapons and update this listing as soon as more information is released. But for now, we would not recommend either of these weapons.

COD Mobile M16 Season 5
Though the M16 appears to be improved, we would still recommend other Assault Rifles from our tiered list for Season 5. (Picture: Twitter / fps_hub)
  • M4 

  • M16

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.