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Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 4 - Strongest and most broken guns

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 has arrived and you'll want the best and most broken guns to spearhead into the new season.
Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 4 - Strongest and most broken guns

Going into the start of Season 4 in Call of Duty Mobile, players will want to equip themselves with the best weapons. The next season, Wild Dogs, is about to begin on 27th April 2022 bringing new content, bug fixes, and a few new weapons.

There are a lot of weapon choices in COD mobile making choosing the right weapon a little challenging. Here are the strongest and most broken guns for Season 4 of COD Mobile.

Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 4 

There have been a few nerfs and buffs to the weapons in COD Mobile, that will change the top-ranking guns from last season.

With so many weapons, you might want to review this list to ensure your going into the battlefield with the proper equipment.

10. CBR4 - SMG

CBR4 SMG in COD Mobile Season 4
The CBR4 is a wonderful SMG that works well from mid to close range. (Picture: Activision)

Firing with a high rate and handling with low recoil, the CBR4 is a great SMG for mid or close range. Players can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time when pairing this weapon with an OWC Marksman barrel and YKM Combat Stock.

9. Fennec - SMG

Close-range players can do some damage with the Fennec. (Picture: Activision)

A great gun for flaking is the Fennec, one of the fastest firing weapons in COD Mobile. This SMG is paired well with the Monolithic Suppressor and the RTC Steady Stock. Even with its nerf on range, this gun should still handle its own in close combat.

8. BK57 - SMG

BK57 SMG COD Mobile Season 4
A great SMG for Season 4 is the BK57. (Picture: Activision)

Another solid AR for COD Mobile is the BK57 with both high damage and fast fire rate. The BK57 is getting buffed with Season 4 to improve the weapon’s handling making it a potentially broken gun.

7. Holger 26 - LMG

COD Mobile Season 4 Holger 26
The Holger 26 can make any player excel in COD Mobile. (Picture: Activision)

One of the newer weapons added to COD Mobile, the Holger 26 is a well-rounded light machine gun. It’s a great gun for both mid to close-range battles. Putting a Strike Foregrip and Granulated Grip Tape turns this gun into a monster.

6. SP-R 208 - Marksman

COD Mobile Season 4 SP-R
For the Marksman in the party, the SP-R 208 is a stellar rifle. (Picture: Activision)

A marvelous Marksman rifle that produces high damage and is easily a one-hit kill if the upper body portion is hit. This is the best sniper choice for quick-scopers as it has one of the fastest ADS times. The downside to this weapon is that it doesn’t perform well at long range.

5. Echo - Shotgun

COD Mobile Season 4 Echo
The semi-automatic shotgun is great for tight and close quarters. (Picture: Activision)

A semi-automatic shotgun, the Echo provides high damage and is great for taking on multiple areas in a close-range environment. This gun excels with a Choke muzzle, a MIP Extended Light Barrel, and a MIP Stalker Stock.

4. KRM-262 - Shotgun

KRM-262 COD Mobile Season 4 Shotgun
Players with an aggressive playstyle will enjoy the KRM-262. (Picture: Activision)

Arguably the best shotgun for COD Mobile Season 4 due to dealing 98 damage, a good fire rate, and accuracy. At a close range with a good shot, this can be a one-shot kill weapon. Try putting a Marauder Suppressor and an Extended Barrel into your loadout to increase this gun’s proficiency.

3. Outlaw - Sniper

COD Mobile Season 4 Outlaw
For those who like to play with a sniper, the Outlaw is an ideal choice. (Picture: Activision)

The Outlaw sniper packs a punch at 83 damage and a fast aim-down-sights speed making it the best choice for players who excel with sniper rifles. In the appropriate hands, this is a broken sniper.

2. QQ9 - SMG

QQ9 COD Mobile Season 4 SMG
The QQ9 is a small machine gun with an insanely fast fire rate. (Picture: Activision)

Easily the best SMG currently in COD Mobile, the QQ9 provides the fastest kill time because of high damage and an incredibly fast fire rate. The QQ9 has great handling making it an easy gun for anyone to play with and dominate.

1. AS VAL - AR

AS VAL COD Mobile Season 4
Players won’t regret choosing the AS VAL as their primary weapon. (Picture: Activision)

The AS VAL is one of the best assault rifles to use during Season 4 with high damage, a fast fire rate, and paired with a Mid-Range Barrel. The AS VAL does its best performance at close range, but it does have a slight kickback.

This is currently the most broken gun for COD Mobile Season 4, we'll keep you in the loop with all the new season action over on our dedicated page.


Featured image courtesy of Activision.