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COD Mobile Season 4 balance changes - All nerfs and buffs

All the weapon and equipment balance changes in the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 update, featuring several buffs and nerfs.
COD Mobile Season 4 balance changes - All nerfs and buffs

With the release of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4, entitled "Wild Dogs" comes a host of new content, from a shiny battle pass to maps, modes, new weapons and much more. For the competitive player, however, nothing is quite as important as the balance changes in COD Mobile Season 4.

In this article, we outline all the gun and equipment balance changes for COD Mobile Season 4 (2022), as well as some class and perk changes, and balance changes specifically for the battle royale mode as well. Let's get started.

COD Mobile Season 4 weapon balance changes

COD mobile season 4 weapon gun balance changes classes skill nerfs buff call of duty wild dogs
There is an extensive list of balance changes for weapons in COD Mobile Season 4, some of them specific to battle royale. (Picture: Activision)

Several weapons have received balance changes in the game's multiplayer. For example, the popular Kilo 141 has received two nerfs, while the Shorty shotgun has received a buff.

First off, there are balance changes to several LMGs. Activision explains: "In recent versions, the machine gun's ammo capacity advantage has been declining due to the changes in the assault rifles' stability, range, and ammo capacity."

To compensate for this issue, Scope Speed has been increased for the S36, UL736, RPD, M4LMG, Chopper, Holger26, Hades and PKM.

COD mobile season 4 weapon gun balance changes classes skill nerfs buff call of duty wild dogs
Several popular weapons have received nerfs in either MP or BR. (Picture: Activision / codmINTEL)

Now, let's jump into all the individual weapon balance changes in COD Mobile Season 4's multiplayer, as well as official explanations for these buffs and nerfs.

Kilo 141 balance changes:

As a mid-range rifle, the Kilo141's stable handle, long-range and damage to the head allow its TTK and control range to be overly prominent in the assault rifle. We lowered the head damage multiplier to increase the difficulty of aiming and shortened the range to make room for other weapons.

  • Damage Multiplier to the Head: Reduced
  • Shooting Range: Reduced

PDW-57 balance changes:

In the past, we have significantly limited the shooting range and the spread of the PDW-57. However, with our many version updates, the TTK of the PDW-57 has lost its obvious advantages. In this version, we have extended the shooting range, optimized the spread, and improved the fault tolerance. PDW-57 has been an old friend for our many players, we truly hope to see the return of this gun on the battlefield.

  • Shooting Range: Adjusted
  • ADS Spread: Reduced
  • Damage Multiplier to the Leg and Hip: Increased 

RPD balance changes:

As our version updates, the RPD, representing the machine guns, has seemingly lost its advantage in its medium and long-range suppression ability. This time, we will first increase the damage of the RPD at medium and long-distance, and observe the effect.

  • Medium and Long Distance Damage: Increased

Chicom balance changes:

Chicom is currently difficult to control. Its small ammunition capacity leads to its low killing efficiency. This time, we increased its bullet capacity and adjusted the damage at medium and close range to improve fault tolerance. At the same time, the damage multiplier of hitting the head is increased, so that players who are proficient with this weapon can destroy enemies faster.

  • Default Magazine Capacity: Increased
  • 39-Round Magazine Capacity: Increased
  • 45-Round Magazine Capacity: Increased
  • Mid-Range Damage: Increased
  • Damage Multiplier to the Head: Increased
  • Damage Multiplier to the Upper Arm: Increased

M21 EBR balance changes:

The unbalanced damage multiplier design of the M21 EBR makes a huge difference between the Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes. To bring it back to Multiplayer, we've made the following adjustments:

Increase in the damage multiplier to the upper chest and arms to ensure that the upper body can be killed with one shot at close range in Multiplayer mode;

Slightly reduced in mid-range damage, combined with the above adjustments, so that mid-range hit upper-body damage remains the same. However, the damage of hitting the lower body is reduced, and the requirements for control ability in the Battle Royale are improved.

  • Shooting Range: Adjusted
  • Base Damage: Adjusted
  • Damage Multiplier to the Upper Chest and Arm: Increased

Shorty balance changes:

As a powerful close-range secondary weapon, the current short effective range and excessive spread limit its performance in most combat environments.

Therefore, we have optimized shorty's projectile dispersion to make it more stable in medium and short-range damage when aiming accurately. We hope this weapon can become a reliable partner for snipers when encountering close-range combat.

Thumper balance changes:

  • Weapon Switching Speed: Reduced
  • Reload Speed: Reduced
  • Sprint-to-Fire Speed: Reduced

Now, let's get to the balance changes specific to battle royale in COD Mobile Season 4.

All COD Mobile Season 4 battle royale balance changes

COD mobile season 4 weapon gun balance changes classes skill nerfs buff call of duty wild dogs
A range of weapons have been buffed in either MP or BR for COD Mobile Season 4. (Picture: Activision)

There are quite a few weapon balance changes specifically for battle royale in COD Mobile Season 4, including nerfs to the very popular MAC-10.

Activision explains why a lot of guns received balance changes for battle royale in COD Mobile Season 4: "In the Battle Royale, the accuracy and damage of most weapons at medium and long distances are obviously insufficient, and the waist shot at close range is too accurate, which makes players always tend to fight at close range, making the rhythm relatively monotonous.

"We hope that players can have more choices at different distances, so we made a bold attempt and adjusted the value of the weapons as a whole."


  • Minimum Damage: Increased

FR .556:

  • Minimum Damage: Increased

PeaceKeeper MK2: 

  • Damage Falloff Beyond 25m: Removed 
  • Minimum Damage: Increased


  • Damage Falloff Beyond 25m: Removed 
  • Minimum Damage: Increased


  • Damage Falloff Beyond 25m: Removed 
  • Damage in the First Range: Increased


  • Second Segment Range: Increased
  • Third Segment Damage Falloff: Removed


  • Damage Falloff: Removed 
  • Damage: Increased


  • First-Range Damage: Increased


  • First Range: Decreased


  • Shooting Range: Reduced


  • Shooting Range: Reduced


  • Shooting Range: Reduced

Still with us with these massive balance changes for COD Mobile Season 4? The last section focuses on perk changes and class changes, as well as one Skill change.

Class and perk changes in COD Mobile Season 4

COD mobile season 4 weapon gun balance changes classes skill nerfs buff call of duty wild dogs
A new bolt-action sniper rifle could seriously shake up the long-range meta in COD Mobile Season 4. (Picture: Activision)

First up, there are balance adjustments to the Disable perk in COD Mobile Season 4, which you can check out below.

Effective Part Adjustment:

  • Assault rifle: Whole Body -> Lower body
  • Sniper and Marksman Rifle:  Lower Body -> Whole body

Effect Adjustment:

  • Movement Speed Debuff: Reduced
  • ADS Movement Speed Debuff: Reduced

There are also buffs to three battle royale classes.

COD Mobile S4 BR class balance changes:

Trap Master:

  • Trap Master will no longer damage and slow its user.
  • Slowing Effect: Increased
  • Health Regeneration: Increased


  • Medic will have 2 charges after upgrading.
  • Health/Armor Regeneration: Increased
  • Charging Speed: Increased


  • Rewind will have 2 charges now.
  • Charging Speed: Greatly Increased
  • Lookback Time: Increased

Lastly, there are two changes to the Munition Box Operator skill:

  • The score of picking up ammo for yourself and your teammates: Decreased
  • The amount of energy required by the Munition Box: Slightly Increased

So there you have it, all the multiplayer and battle royale balance changes, from weapons to classes and perks in COD Mobile Season 4. It will be interesting to see how much the meta changes based on these buffs and nerfs.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.