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COD Mobile Best-in-Class challenge: Duration, missions, rewards and more

COD: Mobile Season 7 introduced the Best-in-Class challenge that is offering plenty of battle pass XP, GKS – Scarab, M4LMG – Colorweave and more
COD Mobile Best-in-Class challenge: Duration, missions, rewards and more

With the release of season 7 ‘Elite of the Elite’ update, Call of Duty: Mobile received many new challenges that will run throughout the whole season. The Best-in-Class is one of them that emerged with season 7 in COD Mobile. 

The Best-in-Class is packed with a whole new set of tasks and rewards, making it one of the unique challenges yet. Here’s everything to know about it, including duration, missions, rewards and more.

COD Mobile: Best-in-Class seasonal challenge duration

COD Mobile best in class
Finish the Best-in-Class’ tasks to earn free rewards in COD Mobile. (Picture: Activision)

Call of Duty: Mobile Best-in-Class challenge started on 26th August and will end on 23rd September.

While it lasts in the game, players can get various free rewards by completing multiple tasks. However, don’t forget to finish all of them before season 7 ends to grab all the beautiful rewards. 

COD Mobile Best-in-Class: Missions and Rewards

The Best-in-Class is a six-part seasonal challenge. (Picture: Activision)

This six-part seasonal challenge is generally focused on using Operator Skills and LMGs in Multiplayer. At each stage, players will encounter different tasks and rewards. Here’s the list of missions and rewards:

Stage 1

  • Objective: Deal 1500 damage in MP matches

  • Rewards: Credits x200 and Battle Pass XP x1000

Stage 2

  • Objective: Kill 15 enemies with Operator Skills in MP Matches

  • Rewards: Weapon XP cards x15 and Battle Pass XP x1000

Stage 3

  • Objective: Use the Kinetic Armor Operator Skill 5 times

  • Rewards: GKS - Scarab and Battle Pass XP x2000

Stage 4

  • Objective: Kill 25 enemies with any LMG equipped with any 5 attachments

  • Rewards: Fanged Maze and Battle Pass XP x3000

Stage 5

  • Objective: Unlock the Rip N’ Tear camo for the Hades primary weapon

  • Rewards: Weapon XP cards x20 and Battle Pass XP x3000

Stage 6

  • Objective: Win 5 MP matches with any Hades

  • Rewards: M4LMG - Colorweave and Battle Pass XP x4000

While it requires plenty of time to complete the challenge, players can rack up an enormous amount of battle pass XP along with several weapon camos. However, it’s worth noting all the stages must be completed in sequential order only.


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