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Best Man-O-War gunsmith loadout for COD Mobile Season 7

Decimate your enemies in ranked or battle royale with our fast ADS and zero recoil gunsmith class setup for the Man-O-War Assault Rifle in COD Mobile Season 7!
The latest Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 patch, entitled “Elite of the Elite”, packs quite a punch, boasting a brand-new Battle Pass, a Cyber Attack themed event, a new weapon, Ozuna Kill Confirmed game mode and several weapons balance changes.

Despite these new changes, one thing remains for sure: the Man-O-War is still a "top shelf" Assault Rifle to use in the current season, thanks to its low recoil and high accuracy. This also makes the Man-O-War a worthy contender to the DR-H as an S-tier weapon, as well as with other weapons in its class. With that said, here's the best Man-O-War loadout to use in COD Mobile Season 7.

Best Man-O-War gunsmith loadout for COD Mobile Season 7

The following loadout is derived from "WildAce" on YouTube and will use attachments that will optimize ADSing with this weapon, at the slight expense of mobility. This loadout is arguably a more conservative build and is great for medium to long-range engagements.

Best fast ADS no recoil loadout for the Man-O-War in COD Mobile Season 7
Best fast ADS no recoil loadout for the Man-O-War in COD Mobile Season 7. (Picture: YouTube / WildAce)
  • Barrel: OWC Ranger
  • Stock: MIP Strike Stock
  • Laser: OWC Laser Tactical
  • Underbarrel: Tactical Foregrip A
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape

The OWC Ranger Barrel will provide improvements to ADS bullet spread (-5.6%), damage range (+20.0%), as well as reduce horizontal and vertical recoil (-9.1% and -0.8%, respectively).

The MIP Strike Stock will further improve ADS bullet spread and horizontal recoil by 9.2% and 6.0%, respectively; whilst also buffing hit flinch by 15.0%.

Best man of war loadout in COD Mobile Season 7
Best Mann-O-War loadout in COD Mobile Season 7. (Picture: Activision)

ADS time and ADS bullet spread can be further buffed with the OWC Laser Tactical by 8.0% and 9.2%, respectively. We can buff ADS bullet spread again with the Tactical Foregrip A Underbarrel by 10.0%.

Lastly, the Granulated Grip Tape Rear Grip attachment will provide an 11.6% improvement to ADS bullet spread.

You can check out the full video by WildAce embedded below, where you will also be able to see the build in action.

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Header image via Activision.