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COD Mobile Cyber Attack event: How to unlock Zero operator, blueprints and more

What you need to know about the COD Mobile Cyber Attack event, from how to unlock the awesome new Zero operator, to other rewards such as blueprints and a charm.
COD Mobile Cyber Attack event: How to unlock Zero operator, blueprints and more

With Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7, entitled "Elite of the Elite", well underway, there's a whole lot of stuff for players to do, from participating in the Solid Gold event to unlocking the Crossbow and finding the best loadout for the secondary weapon, throwing CP at the first-ever Battle Royale lucky draw (Ignition Point Draw) and much more. This isn't stopping the developers from adding even more content into the mix, which brings us the Cyber Attack event for COD Mobile Season 7, where you can unlock the Zero operator, as well as several other rewards.

COD Mobile Cyber Attack event: How to unlock Zero

By participating in the COD Mobile Cyber Attack event, players can unlock a wealth of rewards. Arguably the main prize is the Zero operator.

Other rewards in the COD Mobile Cyber Attack event include Zero - Dark Ops and SKS Technic Turret weapon blueprints, an Epic Charm, Helicopter Raven’s Wing, Boat Navy Digital, and more.

COD Mobile Cyber Attack rewards how to unlock zero operator skins blueprints XP missions
Level up Zero to unlock her as an operator. (Picture: Activision)

To unlock Zero during the COD Mobile Cyber Attack event, players will need to earn 2000 XP, unlocking her story in parts marked as Stars on the event page. 

You can earn XP in the Cyber Attack event to unlock Zero by completing the following tasks:

  • Play Battle Royale or normal Multiplayer matches.
  • The longer you play, the more XP you will earn.
  • Defeat enemies to earn more XP.

Players can also strengthen Zero with a button at the bottom right of their screen. Strengthening Zero during the Cyber Attack event allows for a better chance at the other rewards. 

COD Mobile how to unlock zero cyber attack event rewards missions XP
A perfect mission result allows you to deploy Zero instantly. (Picture: Activision)

The stronger Zero is, the better her chances of returning with some sweet loot. Therefore, the more XP you acquire the better rewards you will be able to get. You can send out your soldier every on missions every six hours, or instantly if you get a perfect operation completion.

Players start off with 50 XP when joining the event. The Cyber Attack event in COD Mobile ends on 16th September, so don't miss out. 

While some expected a full game mode for the Cyber Attack event in COD Mobile, others are happy about the relatively easy way to earn some great rewards and unlock the Zero operator.

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Header image via Activision.