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COD Mobile Gold or Nothing event: How to unlock Bull’s Eye Medal

With the COD Mobile Gold or Nothing seasonal challenge players can earn Kilo Bolt-Action - Constable. In one mission you will need to unlock the Bull’s Eye Medal.
COD Mobile Gold or Nothing event: How to unlock Bull’s Eye Medal

COD Mobile Season 4 update has been released and has brought brand new events and challenges into the game. Among these challenges, the Gold or Nothing seasonal challenge is the latest addition and will be available till Season 4 ends

Players need to complete seven different Multiplayer Mode tasks to earn rewards, including guns, backpack skins, and more. Before you reach the final task of the Gold or Nothing challenge, you need to complete all the pre-tasks. One of these pre-tasks requires players to earn the Bull’s Eye Medal eight times in MP matches, and here’s how you can get this medal.

COD Mobile - How to earn Bull’s Eye Medal

CODMobileBullsEyeMedalInside1.jpg?_t=1622634488COD Mobile Bull’s Eye Medal. (Picture: Activision)

Players can find the Bull’s Eye Medal in the Medals section of the game, and in order to earn one, you need to kill an enemy with the Hunter Killer Drone in Multiplayer Mode. Hunter Killer Drone is a scorestreak that can be equipped by earning 500 points. 

You need to earn this medal eight times by completing the same mission repeatedly to unlock its corresponding reward - 15 Weapon XP Cards and 3000 Battle Pass XP.

Also, here is the list of pre-tasks that you will have to complete before completing the Bull’s Eye Medal mission:

  • Play three matches in any mode
  • Use Operator Skills four times in MP matches
  • Earn the Avenger Medal in MP matches ten times

CODMobileBull_sEyeMedalInside2.jpg?_t=162263448815 Weapon XP Cards and 3000 Battle Pass XP Reward. (Picture: Activision)

Here is the complete list of rewards that you will be getting in the Gold or Nothing seasonal challenge:

  • Kilo Bolt-Action - Constable
  • 22,000 Battle Pass XP
  • SKS - Iron Hunter
  • Trip Mine - Carrion 
  • 15 Weapon XP Cards
  • Knife - Carrion
  • Backpack 1 - Carrion
  • 200 Credits

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