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COD Mobile Ranked Series 2: Rank list, rewards, end date and more

COD Mobile Ranked Series 2 has started with Season 4. Here's the list of rewards you will be getting for ranking up, information about its end date, rank list and more.
On 27th May 2021, Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 was officially released and Ranked Series 2 has also started. With its commencement, the ranks of all the players are reset based on their rank in the previous Ranked Series, and now, they will have to start fighting and winning again to reach the highest rank and unlock the latest Battle Royale and Multiplayer rewards. 

In addition to this, new features like map voting and clan wars have also been added based on the community’s feedback. Here are the complete details available about COD Mobile Ranked Series 2.

COD Mobile Ranked Series 2: Rank List & Rewards

COD Mobile Ranked Series 2 rewards rank list end dateCOD Mobile Ranked Series 2 Rank List (Picture: Activision)

In both the Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes, COD Mobile Ranked Series 2 will have the same ranks that are listed below along with their corresponding rewards:

Rookie (1-1000)

  • Multiplayer: UL736 - Overpower, MW11 -Overpower, HS2126 - Overpower
  • Battle Royale: Wingsuit - Overpower, ORV - Overpower, Antelope A20 - Overpower

Veteran (1001-2000)

  • Multiplayer: Locus - Overpower, DR-H - Overpower, 2021 Series 2 Sticker, 
  • Battle Royale: Parachute - Overpower, Motorcycle - Overpower, Airborne - Overpower

Elite (2001-3000)

  • Multiplayer: Smoke Grenade - Overpower 
  • Battle Royale: Helicopter - Overpower, Backpack 1 - Overpower

Pro (3001-4500)

  • Multiplayer: SP-R 208 - Overpower
  • Battle Royale: Ice Axe - Overpower, Seraph Avatar

Master (4501-6500)

  • Multiplayer: KN-44 - Championship Mindset
  • Battle Royale: Seraph - Precious Metal

Legendary (6501+)

  • Multiplayer: 2021 Series 2 Frame
  • Battle Royale: 2021 Series 2 Calling Card

COD Mobile Ranked Series 2 rewards rank list end dateCOD Mobile Ranked Series 2 Rewards (Picture: Activision)

Each rank mentioned above is divided into five sub ranks except Legendary, which has no sub rank.

COD Mobile Ranked Series 2 end date

COD Mobile Ranked Series 2 will end in July 2021; however, the exact end date will be announced later.

You can have a look at the Ranked Series 2 trailer here:

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