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COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass - Trailer, premium rewards, free tiers and price

Everything you need to know about the COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass, from its price to all the free and premium rewards, as well as its tiers.
With COD Mobile Season 5, entitled "In Deep Water", releasing late 28th June 2021, Activision has been teasing a lot of content, from three new maps to some new weapons and more. Now, the developer has finally revealed the COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass, featuring a whole lot of goodies for players to unlock. Let's take a look at the Battle Pass content for COD Mobile Season 5, starting with the Premium and Free tiers players can unlock, the price and bundles available, as well as the exact release time.

COD Mobile In Deep Water Battle Pass trailer

Before we get into the details of the free and premium tiers, everyone will probably want to check out the Battle Pass trailer for COD Mobile Season 5 In Deep Water.

Well, you can watch it below, and see what you can spot. Spoiler alert: Boooooo!

Now that you are sufficiently hyped up for the COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass, let's dive into the tiers for both Premium and free rewards.

COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass - Premium and free tiers

While not all tiers and rewards have been revealed, the reward highlights for both the Premium and free tiers of the brand-new In Deep Water Battle Pass certainly has.

As you've probably spotted in the COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass trailer, you will get access to some ocean-ready Operators. From Call of Duty: Ghosts comes Merrick and Rorke - Man Hunter Operators, as well as Backstroke and Roze- Foreshadow. There's also Ghost-themed weapon blueprints!

COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass trailer tiers premium rewards free price release date time
The Season 5 Battle Pass highlights. (Picture: Activision)

CODM Season 5 Free Tiers

Let's kick off with the free Battle Pass tiers for COD Mobile Season 5, with highlights including the following:

  • K9 Unit Operator Skill - Unlock at Tier 14.
  • CR-56 AMAX - Unlock at Tier 21.
  • Kilo Bolt-Action - Warship blueprint.
  • Combat Axe - Lighthouse blueprint.

There will, of course, be much more to unlock via the free tiers, but this is all that has been confirmed at the time of writing.

CODM Season 5 Premium Pass Tiers

The confirmed Premium tier rewards for the COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass are:

  • Merrick Operator
  • Rorke - Man Hunter
  • Otter - Backstroke
  • Roze - Foreshadow
  • BK57 - Counter Stealth Unit blueprint
  • QXR - Close Catch blueprint
  • DR-H - Rebreather blueprint
  • CR-56 AMAX - Torpedo blueprint
  • PP19 Bizen - Devilfish blueprint
  • New Emote - Swim Up
  • Backpack - Stock Up
  • Charm - Killer Whale
  • Calling Card - Wetworks
  • Avatar - Ghosts
  • Avatar - Man Hunter
  • Frame - Dark Freeze
  • Karambit - Black Ice

The exact tiers at which these rewards will unlock are currently unknown.

So there you have it, all the COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass free and premium rewards we know about so far. You can also expect to get more CP from levelling up, and some surprises along the way. 

CODM Season 5 Battle Pass price & release date

You can expect the COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass to release on 28th June 2021 at 15:00 PDT. For those in the UK, that's 28th June at 23:00 BST.

COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass content trailer price free rewards tiers premium release date time
Exciting content coming to COD Mobile (Picture: Activision)

The price of the COD Mobile Season 5 premium Battle Pass and bundles can be viewed below:

  • Premium Battle Pass price is 560 CP
  • Premium Battle Pass 12-Tier Bundle costs 1280 CP
  • Premium Battle Pass 50-Tier Bundle costs 1850 CP

With the Premium Battle Pass for In Deep Water, you will be able to get access to all the shiny rewards from the Premium Tiers.

That's all the information we have so far about the COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass. We will keep you updated once more information becomes available. 

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