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COD Mobile Season 5 Patch Notes - Apocalypse Map, Guns Blazing Mode, More

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 is just around the corner, and here are its complete patch notes for you to have a look at the content it will bring to the game.
COD Mobile Season 5 Patch Notes - Apocalypse Map, Guns Blazing Mode, More

It's that time of the month when Call of Duty: Mobile fans start getting hyped up for the release of the new season. COD Mobile Season 4 will end soon and soon after that the Season 5 patch will get available to download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The update will add new maps, modes, events, weapons, and more to the game along with some balance changes to adjust the meta. In addition to this, the COD Mobile Season 5 battle pass will give you a chance to claim shiny rewards in the game.

If you want complete details about the content coming to COD Mobile Season 5, you can have a look at the patch notes below.

COD Mobile Season 5 patch notes

Apocalypse map was first available in Black Ops Cold War.
Apocalypse map was first available in Black Ops Cold War. (Picture: Activision)


New Map: Apocalypse

Trails of clues lead the team to the wild jungles of Laos. Here we raid a jungle cartel stronghold. Soldiers in the enemy stronghold must beware, danger awaits in this rainforest. 
Come try out the new map Apocalypse!

New Mode: Guns Blazing Mode returns

A new mode with two super warriors fighting each other with accumulating rage! Players gain rage whenever they get a kill streak bonus score or die. When the rage bar is full, super warrior status is obtained! In the super warrior state, players will get higher health bars and dual-wield death machines.
Guns Blazing Mode returns, enjoy becoming the super warrior in epic fights!

Ranked Match

  • Updated the rewards related to the new season theme.
  • Optimized the balance strategy for Legendary players to merge and match with Grand Master players when playing solo.
  • Reduced the probability of matching a lower rank 5-player premade team into a higher rank 5-player premade team.
  • Improved the compensation for the ranking points of solo players who are matched into a Squad. This compensation prompts at the beginning of the game.
  • Re-enabled matchmaking for 4 pre-made teams in higher rank games.

New Feature: Minimap Customization

  • New feature: long press the minimap to expand the full size map, release to close. Players can set this in the minimap customization settings.
  • HUD Customization: The previous version of the Lite HUD only supported core mode. In the current version, this function has been updated and optimized to support all MP modes.
  • Hardpoint In-Game Point Prediction: When the current point countdown is 10 seconds, the next location point will be notified to the player on the player's interface HUD and minimap.
Two new weapons are coming to COD Mobile Season 5.
Two new weapons are coming to COD Mobile Season 5. (Picture: Activision)

Function Updates

  • FFA Mode Spawn Point Optimization: Optimized the spawn locations where the player used to spawn too close when starting in FFA mode on some maps.
  • Jump Key Optimization: Clicking the jump button while ADS no longer triggers the function of jumping over obstacles.
  • Hardpoint Loading Point Information Optimization: Now players can see all the points and the information of the order during the loading of the Hardpoint mode.
  • Voice Optimizations: The press-and-hold to turn on the microphone has been changed to click-to-enable the microphone for 10 seconds. The friend channel button is blocked when entering the game without a team, and the UI is simplified.
  • OB Optimizations in MP Mode: Now displays scorestreaks rewards of all players for observers.
  • Optimized the fire synchronization performance in the first-person OB state, closer to the real fire and hit direction.
  • Changed the red camp to the yellow camp for observers.
  • When observing, there will be a red mark on the health bar of the enemy faction of the current observing target to clearly identify it as the enemy.
  • Added display of modes and map information to replay files.
  • Initial Orientation Optimization: Optimized the problem that the initial orientation was reset, now the orientation of the player at the start will remain after the countdown

Performance Updates

  • Bullet Trajectory Optimization: Now the bullet trajectory of teammates and enemies is clearer, and information can be easily obtained.
  • Reload Prompt Optimization: Added a progress indicator at the weapon bar position when reloading.
  • Added a bullet volume indicator at the crosshair in third-person mode.
  • Firearms Performance Optimization:
    Optimized the camera performance in the process of switching weapons, now there will be a small camera shift when switching weapons to increase the sense of presence.
  • Optimized the sound of switching weapons, and now has a clearer stage prompt.
  • Optimized the reload action of AK117, ASM10, Peacekeeper MK2.
  • Added the performance of Bolt Hold Open for DR-H and Renetti.
  • Voice Broadcast Optimization: Optimized the problem of repeatedly reporting points in a short period of time when a sniper was found.
  • Optimized the voice trigger logic.
  • Other Optimization: Optimized the simulation performance by minimizing enemies teleportation when moving too fast.

Battle Royale

Apocalypse map was first available iTransform into a super-soldier in BR Blazing Mode. (Picture: Activision)n Black Ops Cold War.
Transform into a super-soldier in BR Blazing Mode. (Picture: Activision)

New Mode: BR Prop Hunt

  • Come experience an exciting BR Prop Hunt in legendary towns in Frontier where players are divided into camps of Hunters and Props!
  • Move fast as there is only a certain number of players who can become Hunters.
  • Hunters, use your powerful skill of Scan to reveal the locations of Props!
  • Props, activate your skill of Charged Leap to escape dangerous situations!
  • Consumable skill cards of Invisible, Invincible, Shape Shift, and Flash will spawn randomly for Props to collect.
  • Random points will respawn on the map for Props to obtain.
  • Towards the last few minutes of the match, points to collect increases for the Props, and Scan Skill evolves into Deadly Focus for the Hunters. Deadly Focus increases Hunter’s movement speed and enhances the ability to search for Props.
  • At the end of the game, ranking will be settled in accordance to the score between Props camp and Hunters camp.

Function Updates

  • Added feedback icon for reduced damage taken after being knocked down.
  • Zoomed in on the icon of teammates falling to the ground and prioritized the UI.
  • Improved UI accuracy for compass.
  • Optimized the response speed of long-pressing the medicine bar and throwing object bar
  • Optimized Alcatraz scene performance to reduce lag.

New Weapon: Assault Rifle Oden

A 12.7mm large-caliber automatic rifle with slow fire rate and great power, it can fire a variety of special ammunition.

New Weapon: Tactical Equipment Echo Grenade

A grenade that uses sound waves to detect enemy locations.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.