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How to Get Echo Grenade Tactical in COD Mobile Season 5

Here's how you can unlock the Echo Grenade tactical equipment with ease in COD Mobile Season 5.
How to Get Echo Grenade Tactical in COD Mobile Season 5

Season 5 of COD Mobile is right around the corner, and the June release is slated to bring in some new tactical equipment in the form of Echo Grenades. Along with the new grenades, players can also expect a familiar rifle from the 2019 Modern Warfare Call of Duty.

When the new season drops on the 1st of June, there will be a new map that is automatically unlocked in the form of Apocalypse. Nearly anything else added as equipment will need to be unlocked before it can be equipped in a custom loadout. But unlocking them never takes too long in COD Mobile.

COD Mobile - How to get Echo Grenade

Season 5 Battle Pass
Unlock the Oden and the Echo Grenades in the Battle Pass. (Picture: Activision)

Before you can start throwing Echo Grenades at the opposition in COD Mobile Season 5, you'll need to blast through some of the Battle Pass levels. New equipment in a season is typically tied to the Battle Pass because they are added as rewards within. Out of 50 ranks, there are always a few that stay free.

Free rewards include new equipment, and that means there is no need to purchase the full Battle Pass. But reaching the required equipment level is going to take some time. Ranks in the pass are typically faster than the normal level, but they still require plenty of matches played and challenges completed for XP.

In the case that you miss Season 5 of COD Mobile, especially because they are only about one month long, the method of unlocking equipment like Echo Grenades or the Oden assault rifle will change. For the Oden, there will be a new challenge tied to kills before the weapon can be used.

Equipment can go a couple of different routes. In some cases, the equipment may also get a new challenge when the season ends. Other cases may throw the equipment into reward crates that can be unlocked with earned points. 

COD Mobile - How does the Echo Grenade tactical weapon work?

COD Mobile Season 5 Tropical
Prepare for the new season on the 1st of June. (Picture: Activision)

When you unlock your own Echo Grenades, their main purpose is to reveal enemy locations in a given area. Upon impact, the grenades will use pulses to reveal enemies through any obstacles. In essence, they serve as snapshot grenades or portable UAVs.

There is a way to counter the Echo items, so they won't be invincible. The only way to do so is to equip the Ghost perk, which also blocks streaks such as enemy UAVs or other radar devices.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.