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All COD Mobile Season 6 Emotes and Crates

Learn all about the new crate content that arrives in Season 6 of COD Mobile, such as emotes and weapon skins.
All COD Mobile Season 6 Emotes and Crates

COD Mobile Season 6 is still a few days away from the full release date, but that hasn't stopped some data miners from finding all of the Crates and Emotes that are headed to the game. New gameplay content is always one of the most hyped additions to any COD Mobile Season, and new cosmetics certainly garner the attention of players as well.

The Crates and Emotes that have been revealed for Season 6 are ones that are part of the earnable lineup rather than the store alone. Major store crates have yet to be shown and they are always far more expensive. Normal crates get regularly updated and can be earned or purchased in certain cases, but there won't be anything as rare as what appears in the store.

All Emotes and Crates in COD Mobile Season 6

Season 6 Emotes
Season 6 of COD Mobile has plenty of new Emotes to earn. (Picture: Activision)

As you might expect, many of the new Season 6 Crates and Emotes in COD Mobile are based around the theme and the current time of year. The theme for Season 6 is flight (To The Skies) and the high octane speed of fighter jets that will appear within the Mobile Game. Along with the jets, there will also be plenty of Summer themed content for the month of July.

First up in the Crate lineup is the Flyboy Crate, and it is the main jet-themed set in the new season. Many of the skins will have slightly animated clouds with an array of jets swarming with bright blues in the background. Like the other Crates that will be mentioned, all of these items range from Epic to Common rarity, and there are plenty of items to earn.

Another Crate in the lineup is called Summer's Shadow Lucky Box. The Naga Trenches skin is the rarest pull in the content set, but it's not the only worthwhile item. You'll have the chance to earn more Cloud Cover and Formation weapon skins with the jet prints. These can all take a long time to earn though.

Season 6 Feature
Taking to the skies is the theme of the new seasonal content. (Picture: Activision)

Crate number three is the Burning Earth Lucky Box. Heat Seeker Maxis, a skin from Black Ops Cold War, is the main pull here. However, there are some great weapon skins like the Avenir HBRa3. There are a couple of Crates that follow the Burning Earth and each one has its own Emotes. Every Crate and individual Emote is listed below.

  • Flyboy Crate - Air Tricks Emote
  • Summer's Shadow Lucky Box - Bounce Emote
  • Burning Earth Lucky Box - Couldn't Be Me Emote
  • Sun-Sparked Crate - Headstrong Emote
  • Season 6 Daily Mission Crate
  • Epic Credit Crate
  • Takeover Emote
  • Acrobatics Emote
  • Ecstatic Emote
  • Axe Ya Later Emote
  • Watch Out Below Emote
  • Crushin' It Emote
  • Flying Wonder Emote

Many of the Emotes listed were not given designated Crate locations and could appear elsewhere during COD Mobile Season 6. Make sure to stay on the lookout and check back for more information when the Season goes live at the end of June.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.